Ring doorbell pro 2 sometimes no Ring alert but only motion recorderd

In March 2023 I have a new Ring Pro 2, hardwired through a new Ring transformer with an RSSI of 58 and level 1 power. In testing this had/has no problem consistently ringing my internal doorbell. Randomly it stops sending that signal or notifications for doorbell presses. I’ve missed multiple signature-required packages. I have the exact same symptoms as described. Motion and package notifications work but pressing the doorbell button only results in an external ring. I’ve been able to duplicate this after it happened with the UPS driver. The indicator light on the doorbell just spins for a few minutes and becomes unresponsive. After a while, it will work again and Alexa and phone notifications and the physical chime will start working again. I’ve rebooted, etc.

This is either a flaw in the devices themselves or a bug in firmware. Ring needs to fix this or change their name to “Might Ring.”

Overall the service has been poor. The lack of continuous recording is a joke. I continually miss things in the recordings because of the time jumps. Wyze provides that for free if you have a $15 MicroSD card. And now this doesnt ring unless it has time to “wake up” like the OP says.

Same problem here - I already have the second model of the Ring Pro 2. Now and then it works. Sometimes only the doorbell itself rings, in the app or on the Chime it remains quiet - and the app only records it as movement.

Did you try the workaround I described here:

It seems to be better since I deactivated motion detection. (which sure isn‘t a final solution, but only a disappointing workaround)

I disabled it as described and will test it several times tomorrow (we just have evening and my son is sleeping) :slight_smile:

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Having the exact same problem, got the ring doorbell about 4 years ago, Worked perfect until about 7 months ago. sometimes i hear the ring outside, but no push notification and the chime doen’t ring aswel. Most of the times i can fix it by going into the app and turn off bell notifications and then turn it back on. but i also often need to reset de doorbell by cutting the power. It’s a shame to see how long this issue is going on without ring doing anything to fix this bug. I am already thinking of getting all my ring devices replaced just because of this bug.

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See my current comment in this thread: Ring doorbell pro 2 sometimes no Ring alert but only motion recorderd (thread #2) - #23 by redundancy

Hi neighbors, I wanted to share an update that our team pushed a back end fix that should resolve this concern. If you’re still experiencing issues with the Chime not playing an alert when someone rings your Doorbell, or you have a different concern with your Chime, please follow up with our support team. This is the best way to get any necessary troubleshooting information to the right teams so they can look into any lingering issues.

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Hey Caitlyn,

We appreciate the support team. However, in such cases, they don’t provide us with troubleshooting or any information. You have some cases where they have blamed 4G/WiFi. Others, such as myself, have been told that it needs a firmware or back-end fix and four months later, I’m still in the dark as Ring can’t actually provide me with any troubleshooting information. It’s not good enough. Other users may think they are not hearing their Chime, and the Ring Doorbell isn’t pushing it to the cloud. It’s a mess.

I understand the Ring forums are peer-to-peer, but as community staff, be transparent with us. Let us know at the least that it is being looked into or a fix is coming within a month, even if you can’t provide troubleshooting. That’s all we wanted. It’s going to cut down on speculation and multiple threads being opened if we at least have a source of information.

Can I ask when this fix was pushed and if it is a true back-end problem and not a firmware problem? I noticed some of my cameras received a firmware update a day or two ago, but I haven’t noticed if my Doorbell Pro 2 did, and I’m not sure if this is related or not. So I’m not sure if I should expect the fix to be instant or maybe roll over over the next few days, etc.


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Please re-read/re-open this thread since it has been marked as “Solved” by @Tom_Ring but it isn’t solved at all!

can confirm!


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I can confirm this is still a problem.
I have also contacted Ring customer support about this and after a long time trying to explain the problem, the representative on the phone finally understood what the actual problem is. Finally the result of the call was that they would “escalate” it to a technical team and they would contact me when they have fixed the issue.
From the other thread I read that some people have experienced this for a few months now… unbelievable


Same problem here. All settings fine, rssi levels fine and live view always works.
The ring never misses a motion event, in fact, this is the only way to not miss packages and people because the bell doesn’t work 7 out of 10 times.
Turning of motion detection seems to be a fix but motion detect is my doorbell at this moment.
It’s ironic, all features work, except for the main feature, “being a doorbell


Same problem from Germany. I also tried everything until I came across this post today. I have deactivated the Smart Alerts and hope that everything works now. The support wanted to tell me that my Wi-Fi is too weak or there are problems with Amazon.


Hi, in this thread it says that the ring chime needs an internet connection to be able to ring when the button is pressed… I can hardly believe Ring would make a mistake like that. Can anyone confirm this?
If this is true I can understand things are unstable because by the time the ring has uploaded the motion detect data and the recorded video data and finaly finds time to send the button press to the (probably busy) Ring server, your package has gone return to sender.

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Yes, that’s exactly how it works. When the bell rings, the command goes to the ring servers and from there to the individual devices. For me, however, the Ring 2 Pro worked for 1 year without problems and for about 3 weeks I have had the said problem.


That is bad. it would be so easy to (also) sent a direct mesaage to the chime.
So if my internet goes down I will never notice the i.s.p. has arrived because there is no door bell.


So ein Mist! Kann das Problem genau so bestätigen! Ein mega No Go! Ring muss dringend aktiv werden!es kann ja keine Option sein!man kauft sich diese Klingel ja gerad eben wegen der Kombination aus Klingel und Überwachung

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Hello all,

I have an issue with the Pro 2 with the Chime Pro. When the doorbell is pressed (most of the time) the Chime does not play a sound (rings)

Based on on an investigation by Ring second line support the issue is related to the software and will be fixed witch an update/patch which they will notify me about by email.
They told me this months ago and still I have not received an update and I’m stuck with a lame doorbell which lacks the basic functionallity anu cheap doorbell would offer me
(Let people inside know there is someone at the door).

I have purchased the Ring Pro and Chime in November 2022 from a webshop and not from Ring directly. Waiting for a solution too much time has passed to return the doorbell and get a refund of my money.
I’m with my back against the wall and I’m fully dependent on Ring to take this issue serious enough to fix it and this punts me in a difficult place because all I can do is wait and hope for a solution.
Meanwhile, on this and other forums I see a lot of topics of people experiencing the exact same issue. A few possible solutions are given and and I tried them all but the problem persists.
I’m mnot asking for technical assistance as I tried it all and I know the configuration is correct. Both the doorbell and the Chime are also replaced and this didn’tchange anything.

There are several posts on this forum form people that haver the exact same issue and I’m curious how they are dealing with it?
Are you in the same position and are you waiting patiently for Ring to fix this issue or are there other steps there can be taken?
Too me it seems that Ring is fully aware of this issue but doenst’t mention it and sell customers a faulty product.
The only solution I see is is selling the Pro 2 and the Chime but I’m lucky if I can sell it for half the price I paid for it and I feel bad about it because it feels like im selling
a broken product. For those with the same issue. How are you dealing with it?

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Hey Ring, is there anybody out there? :weary:

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Did you read through the thread below (and the thread linked there)? I explained a workaround there which seems to make the Ring Chime ring again: disable motion detection. Unsatisfying, but at least the Ring Chime is ringing again every time the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 button is pressed so far…