Ring doorbell pro 2 sometimes no Ring alert but only motion recorderd

Please re-read/re-open this thread since it has been marked as “Solved” by @Tom_Ring but it isn’t solved at all!

can confirm!


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I can confirm this is still a problem.
I have also contacted Ring customer support about this and after a long time trying to explain the problem, the representative on the phone finally understood what the actual problem is. Finally the result of the call was that they would “escalate” it to a technical team and they would contact me when they have fixed the issue.
From the other thread I read that some people have experienced this for a few months now… unbelievable


Same problem here. All settings fine, rssi levels fine and live view always works.
The ring never misses a motion event, in fact, this is the only way to not miss packages and people because the bell doesn’t work 7 out of 10 times.
Turning of motion detection seems to be a fix but motion detect is my doorbell at this moment.
It’s ironic, all features work, except for the main feature, “being a doorbell


Same problem from Germany. I also tried everything until I came across this post today. I have deactivated the Smart Alerts and hope that everything works now. The support wanted to tell me that my Wi-Fi is too weak or there are problems with Amazon.


Hi, in this thread it says that the ring chime needs an internet connection to be able to ring when the button is pressed… I can hardly believe Ring would make a mistake like that. Can anyone confirm this?
If this is true I can understand things are unstable because by the time the ring has uploaded the motion detect data and the recorded video data and finaly finds time to send the button press to the (probably busy) Ring server, your package has gone return to sender.

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Yes, that’s exactly how it works. When the bell rings, the command goes to the ring servers and from there to the individual devices. For me, however, the Ring 2 Pro worked for 1 year without problems and for about 3 weeks I have had the said problem.


That is bad. it would be so easy to (also) sent a direct mesaage to the chime.
So if my internet goes down I will never notice the i.s.p. has arrived because there is no door bell.


So ein Mist! Kann das Problem genau so bestätigen! Ein mega No Go! Ring muss dringend aktiv werden!es kann ja keine Option sein!man kauft sich diese Klingel ja gerad eben wegen der Kombination aus Klingel und Überwachung

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Hello all,

I have an issue with the Pro 2 with the Chime Pro. When the doorbell is pressed (most of the time) the Chime does not play a sound (rings)

Based on on an investigation by Ring second line support the issue is related to the software and will be fixed witch an update/patch which they will notify me about by email.
They told me this months ago and still I have not received an update and I’m stuck with a lame doorbell which lacks the basic functionallity anu cheap doorbell would offer me
(Let people inside know there is someone at the door).

I have purchased the Ring Pro and Chime in November 2022 from a webshop and not from Ring directly. Waiting for a solution too much time has passed to return the doorbell and get a refund of my money.
I’m with my back against the wall and I’m fully dependent on Ring to take this issue serious enough to fix it and this punts me in a difficult place because all I can do is wait and hope for a solution.
Meanwhile, on this and other forums I see a lot of topics of people experiencing the exact same issue. A few possible solutions are given and and I tried them all but the problem persists.
I’m mnot asking for technical assistance as I tried it all and I know the configuration is correct. Both the doorbell and the Chime are also replaced and this didn’tchange anything.

There are several posts on this forum form people that haver the exact same issue and I’m curious how they are dealing with it?
Are you in the same position and are you waiting patiently for Ring to fix this issue or are there other steps there can be taken?
Too me it seems that Ring is fully aware of this issue but doenst’t mention it and sell customers a faulty product.
The only solution I see is is selling the Pro 2 and the Chime but I’m lucky if I can sell it for half the price I paid for it and I feel bad about it because it feels like im selling
a broken product. For those with the same issue. How are you dealing with it?

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Hey Ring, is there anybody out there? :weary:

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Did you read through the thread below (and the thread linked there)? I explained a workaround there which seems to make the Ring Chime ring again: disable motion detection. Unsatisfying, but at least the Ring Chime is ringing again every time the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 button is pressed so far…


Same problem here! Worked fine for about a year and have had this problem for the last 3 weeks… Was there a firmware update 3 weeks ago!? The bell rings outside but no alert on my phone or chime, missed a few deliveries. However when I go outside to test it, it works again. Signal strength and everything else looks good.

I do have the very same issue with the doorbell pro 2.
power supply is shown as “level 1”.
a wifi repeater is behind the entrance door - signal strength says RSSI-54 (green color).

when i check the motion video I can see that the visitor indeed presses the ring-button on the camera and it also makes the sound. however neither the chime nor the phone app (iOS) notifys me about somebody ringing.

sometimes it works normally, most of the time it does not work.
this really needs to be fixed.

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This problem has now been unresolved for months, if not longer, and yet Ring has not even provided any kind of expected solution or a timeline.
My doorbell is now operating without ANY motion detection, just so that I can be sure that when someone rings the doorbell, at least I will hear the chime at home.
At the least I think we should expect some form of compensation for the inadequacies of Ring as a company with this faulty product. Also extremely unprofessional of Ring to just mark the other thread as solved with a post by a Ring representative that they are aware of the problem… I’m sorry to tell you that this can not be qualified as a “solution”…


I disabled motion detection but still most of the time it is not ringing :frowning:

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Same problem with my Doorbell Pro. Since about 8 weeks, - sometimes - the internal chimes do not ring, when the Doorbell button is pressed. Sometimes, Alexa and iOS devices are being notified, sometimes not.

When I go to the Doorbell Pro and press the button, about 7 out of 10 times the internal Chimes, Alexa and the iOS devices ring, about 1 out of 10 times no devices are notified, and about 2 out of 10 times only this iOS devices and Alexa Devices are notified without the Chimes ringing.

I have the Doorbell since November 2019, and this problem just started to show up about 8 weeks ago. I have not changed anything on my Doorbell and Ring hardware setup, I still have the same network hardware, etc.

I am shocked that this has been going on for more than a year now overall.

This needs to fixed, dear Ring team. Please alert your engineers, to look into this.

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Hi neighbors. For this concern, you’ll need to reach out to our support team. You can contact them by phone or private message on Facebook @Ring. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. I’ll be marking this post as a solution, so other neighbors experiencing this concern will know to contact support for a resolution.

Hi Neighbors. As mentioned in the thread that @redundancy has shared, this concern needs to be addressed by our support team. Here in the Community, we can only offer basic troubleshooting steps. Please, reach out to our support team by sending us a private message via Facebook @Ring or Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. Again, I’ll be marking this post as a solution so that other neighbors with this concern can easily see that they’ll need to contact our support team for this concern.

Have exactly the same problem. The most unreliable wifi device I have used.

I called Ring and after spend a painful 60 mins resetting everything, I was eventually told the following which is shocking:
“there is a problem with your mobile provider sending notifications. If notifications arent working properly on your mobile, it will stop all notifications across all the home devices such as amazon echo. Contact your mobile provider”.

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