Ring doorbell pro 2 sometimes no Ring alert but only motion recorderd

Having the same issue. Doorbell worked for a couple months and now it will not chime or notify me when there’s someone at the door. Missing important packages because of this. So frustrating.

Same for me. Ring Doorbell Pro 2 and Chime Pro V2. Worked quite well for 6 months (sometimes it didn’t ring but mainly good). However, now it hardly rings at all. I’ve connected both via the home wifi and the Ring Chime Pro network but the problem remains. A good strong WIFI signal is reported by the app. After every reboot it does work - once! - and then reverts to silence. Sometimes the phone app tells me the bell is ringing, sometimes Alexa does. Rarely do they all work at the same time. I’ve disabled Alexa now to see if that makes any difference. Unlikely I guess!

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For me the problem also was there without Alexa configured. But it seems to be better since I deactivated motion detection. (which sure isn‘t a final solution, but only a disappointing workaround)

I turned off motion detection a couple of days ago and after that the doorbell now appears to be working 100% when the button is pressed. This would suggest that it is most definitely a bug in the software or the firmware of the device. Extremely disappointing from Ring…
I bought this doorbell only a few weeks ago, so I am still able to return it as a faulty product and get a full refund. Maybe I will switch to a different brand of doorbell instead.

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Same problem with mine… It appears that my doorbell sound alert will only work when I switch off the motion detector… That’s really annoying… I missed an important visitor the other day.

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I really would like to stay with Ring since I like the products in general. But this problem here and the other one over there let me overthink this. And I already warned others who planned to buy Ring products…

Does anyone know how to trigger someone of Ring to read this thread here again? Why is there stated “This topic has been solved” when it hasn’t?

I now opened a new thread with this topic over there.

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i am facing this very problem with the doorbell pro 2.
power supply and signal strengths is good (wifi repeater is right behind entrance).

sometimes chime and phone app is notified. but more often it does not notify me at all.

Same problem with my Doorbell Pro. Since about 8 weeks, - sometimes - the internal chimes do not ring, when the Doorbell button is pressed. Sometimes, Alexa and iOS devices are being notified, sometimes not.

When I go to the Doorbell Pro and press the button, about 7 out of 10 times the internal Chimes, Alexa and the iOS devices ring, about 1 out of 10 times no devices are notified, and about 2 out of 10 times only this iOS devices and Alexa Devices are notified without the Chimes ringing.

I have the Doorbell since November 2019, and this problem just started to show up about 8 weeks ago. I have not changed anything on my Doorbell and Ring hardware setup, I still have the same network hardware, etc.

I am shocked that this has been going on for more than a year now overall.

This needs to fixed, dear Ring team. Please alert your engineers, to look into this.

And why is this problem/thread marked as solved? This is totally inappropriate.

Hey Neighbors. If you’ll read the marked solution, you’ll see that this concern cannot be solved with the basic troubleshooting we can do here in the Community. This is why the solution says to contact support. You can contact via the method in the marked solution, or please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Ring support are a joke. As posted in another thread, this was their response from the specialist team:
“there is a problem with your mobile provider sending notifications. If notifications arent working properly on your mobile, it will stop all notifications across all the home devices such as amazon echo. Contact your mobile provider”.

So rather than accepting there’s a problem with the product / firmware, UK support are pushing the problem onto the mobile network providers. I spoke with different people in support and no one acknowledged this is a known issue. SHOCKING!!!

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Installed a Ring Pro 2 doorbell a few weeks back and since then the doorbell notification has been very intermittent, sometimes I get a notification on my iPhone and each devices and sometimes nothing. When I check my history in the app, I can see someone has pressed the doorbell.
When the doorbell doesn’t ring, its across all devices, not just my iPhone (latest OS).
I get motion notifications on my mobile, just that doorbell notifications only work sometimes.

Have reset the doorbell, wifi, uninstalled the app, checked notification settings in app and iPhone, but the problems still there. Its very unreliable.

I called Ring and after spend a painful 60 mins resetting everything, I was eventually told the following which is shocking:
“there is a problem with your mobile provider sending notifications. If notifications arnet working properly on your mobile, it will stop all notifications across all the home devices such as amazon echo. Contact your mobile provider”.

Is this true or are RIng just fobbing me off?

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It appears that you are experiencing the same problem as many others with this doorbell. I am quite certain that the issue is caused on the side of Ring, so it is yet another disappointment from Ring that they tried to put the fault on your side…
There are two other threads regarding this problem and no solution has yet been provided by Ring and it has been weeks now…


You mean for months now, problem with the Pro 2 started for me last year already.

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I have the same problem but with my Chime Pro (2nd Gen) and Ring Doorbell Pro 2.

I get Ring notification on my Phone as do kids and wife. I get motion detection and so does my kids and wife.

The issue we have is when no one Rings the doorbell for say a couple of hours and then someone rings the doorbell, the Chime Pro does not ring but we do get a notification on our phones.
When we take a look at who it is via the ring app and then someone rings the doorbell the chimes ring.

It seems like the connection between the doorbell and the chime pro goes idle when not used for a long time and then wakes up when the ring app is opened for the chimes to work.

I am using the Chime Pro network for best connectivity and have RSSI between 51 and 48 which is geen and power is Level 1 which is also green.
Have switched to using home WiFi without success even though RSSI here was also Green.
Have also toggled between 2.4ghz and 5ghz WiFi networks with no success.

I have called ring 5 time since my purchase of Ring Doorbell Pro 2 since 04/01/2023 till now 16/03/2023 with no resolution. Ring said they have passed the ticket to their technical team who are looking onto the problem and will email me when fixed via a new ring firmware / app software update. I asked when the update is likely to be released and they said they dont know. So I asked to speak to their manager and they said exactly the same and did not know when the update will be available.

This could take months and in the meantime I have paid for a premium doorbell that cannot even do the basic function of a doorbell which is chime when pressed.

I have missed many deliveries in the meantime where some were redelivered and some just left on the door step. Not to mention guest that have been waiting longer than they should when they visit.


Hi Sbhudia, unfortunately I received the same reply from Ring support (escalated to their technical department without any expected timeline for the solution). As a workaround some of us (without any help from Ring) have figured out that if we turn off “motion detection” and “motion alerts” and only leave ring alerts on, then the Chime and phone notifications will work consistently again when someone presses the doorbell button… Considering the fact that this has been an unresolved problem for a couple months now, I am a little worried that it still might take longer.

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I have the exact same issue…

I jaut had an email from ring the saud they have updated there system…

Ill have to test it out tomorrow see if it works.

I have been banging on aboit to ring called them 4 times they sent out new chime same issue i got a chime pro same issue…

I ahve spoke to thier facebook platform people having same issue…

Pointless having chime when it doesnt go off …

Thats what ring keep telling me too

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