Ring doorbell pro 2 sometimes no Ring alert but only motion recorderd

I replaced my Ring doorbell pro with Ring doorbell pro 2. With the pro I didn’t have any problems. With the pro 2 I miss sometimes the Ring alert. In that case, when someone is at the frontdoor and pushes the Ring button the Ring Chime doesn’t give a sound and don’t get a message on my phone. The only sound is at the Ring at the frontdoor. In the history there is a recording of the motion but no Ring alert. So I can see the person walking up the frontdoor en pushing the Ring button.
The WiFi router is near the frontdoor and has a very strong signal. The device gets enough electricity. I contacted the Ring helpdesk and they helped me check the settings. I have tried al lot of different settings but the problem still excists.

Did anyone else experience the same problems and what is the solution?

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I have exactly the same issue! Also have been looking for a solution for weeks now… In the recording you can actually hear the person ringing the doorbell.

What I noticed is that rebooting the Ring Pro 2 temporarily solves the issue, but it will come back after a few hours.

Hi neighbors. If your Doorbell Pro 2 is not registering Dings correctly, try the following steps:

  • Reboot your Pro 2 by using the Ring app.

  • Power cycle your Pro 2. Power cycling it involves turning it off for a minute and then turning it back on.

  • Verify your Pro 2’s power status in Device Health to make sure it is reporting well. If it is poor, we have this Help Center article here on how to troubleshoot insufficient power.

If this concern persists, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here so they can look into this further. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.


I was wondering if there was any update on this issue.

I purchased a Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 at the end of November, and unlike my Pro 1, it doesn’t chime 50% of the time. Instead, if you view the timeline history, it only shows “Motion” when you can clearly see the person pressing the doorbell and hearing it chime away in the recording.

I’ve spoken to Ring level 2 support twice, and they’ve just taken my details and told me that it is a known issue with the Pro 2, but they have no troubleshooting to offer. Instead, it’s a backend problem, such as firmware which should be corrected behind the scenes, and I will receive an email once it has been resolved. They can’t even offer me a replacement device because this problem affects every model built.

But this is almost the end of month three of an intermittent doorbell which is causing me to miss packages. With multiple users now experiencing this problem all over the internet, including here on Ring forums, it makes me wonder why Ring is selling this device without warning users of the issue first.

Could you comment on this?

Hi @VertigoMitch. If you’ve taken this up with support and they’ve told you they will email you once this issue is resolved, rest assured that our team is working on it. At this time, we, here in the Community, don’t have any more information, as this is a peer-to-peer support forum and not a direct line to support. Thank you for your patience while our team works to resolve this concern.

I have the same problem with our Pro 2, this started earlier in 2022. Ring replaced him after contacting support but and it seemed solved. Now this one has the same behavior as the first one. Somebody presses the button, only sound at the door but none of the chimes or phone makes any sound.

Please fix this asap!! It’s ridiculous that it’s taking so long. We have an unreliable doorbell now.

I have the same issue that the chime on my my ring doorbell pro2 is intermittently not ringing or indicate a ring on my iphone. When will this be solved?

Hey Neighbors. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll need a few more details to get this looked into. Please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter @Ring and one of our specialized agents will be able to assist with this concern. Thanks for being patient while we work on this concern. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask.


Your team knows the issue and admits it’s already a problem. What we want to know is when Ring will resolve it. If you search around the internet and here on the Ring forums, it was a problem since its launch in March 2021 and continues to be a problem today.

It’s a simple issue. When someone walks up to the doorbell and presses the button, the Pro 2 chimes, but it doesn’t go any further. It doesn’t notify devices, the chime, and the timeline doesn’t even classify it as a “Missed Ring”. It just states the recording as “Motion”.

I understand Ring forums are peer-to-peer support, but as a Ring employee, why will you not help gain an answer on this? There is no need for us to go back to Ring support as all they can tell us is that this issue affects all the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 models, and they don’t have any troubleshooting to offer. We want an ETA of when Ring believes they will correct the problem. That is all. There is nothing on the Ring website or even here on the Ring forum to state that you know there is a problem with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. Even the Ring Service Status mentions nothing. Therefore, it feels misleading that Ring is still selling a product with a known flaw.

I think my subscription is due in August. I may cancel it and send the Pro 2 back to Amazon if it isn’t resolved. Unfortunately, the Ring Pro 1 is discontinued, and as I can no longer purchase it, it doesn’t leave me with any other option as I don’t want a battery doorbell. Ring does have amazing features, but if the doorbell can’t even provide the basic ring functionality, it’s pointless to own compared to any other brand.


Having the exact same issue with the Pro 2 and Chime Pro I bought in November 2022.
Over the last months I spend many hours calling with Ring support and still there is no solution and I feel no real effort is made to help me out. My first Ring device but what a terrile experience it is!

I had a similar issue.
For me it was Alexa that was the problem. I disabled the Ring Skill in Alexa and rebooted my Chime Pro and Chime.
Now it works everytime the doorbell is pressed
I hope this works for you

I’ve the Ring enabled in Alexa, will try your tip.


Disabling the Alexa skill didn’t solve the issue unfortunately. We have still have problems with no sound from our chimes from time to time.

I’m thinking to get the Dutch products affair’s organization involved because Ring is selling an unreliable doorbel and doesn’t fix it.

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I thought disabling the Alexa skill wouldn’t fix it.

The problem with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is the issue is related to the sole device. It affects no other devices, so it can’t be related to settings like Alexa. It’s either a device problem or a firmware problem. I don’t know how far you will get reporting this issue, as Ring offers multiple solutions, such as refunding. They class it as a temporary issue, but if you search around, you will see that people ran into this issue on launch day.

When speaking to Level 2 support, they said that we’re aware of the problem and that changing any settings, including motion detection, will not correct it. As a workaround, you could attach a physical chime to the Pro 2, as this should still chime outside of the internet. However, I don’t want a chime in my home. That was the point of purchasing the Ring Chimes.


Same problem. It started about two months ago, before that it was good for about 1 year. I have a Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 and Ring Chime (v1 and v2). The Ring Chime doesn’t work when the doorbell is pressed. If I restart the pro 2 or cut the power to the pro 2, it works again, but after a few hours or days the chime does not ring again. Ring Chime v1 and v2 same problem. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is the sh*t…

Same very bad and annoying problem here. Any chance that this will be fixed soon? Or any workaround ideas until then?

I have the suspicion that this happens especially when the recently triggered motion detection is busy uploading something to the Ring cloud and the doorbell button is pressed at an “inconvenient time”. I have now deactivated the motion detection and will continue to observe the behavior… maybe one of the other ones affected can also test this workaround idea?

I recently bought and installed the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 and was excited to finally have a doorbell that not only chimes in the house as well as on the phone and also notifies me of any motion.
Unfortunately I have been experiencing this same issue pretty much since the beginning.
Often when someone presses the doorbell, nothing happens on the Chime or on my phone, but then usually when a second time the doorbell is pressed then it suddenly will chime and send a notification to the phone.
Now that I am reading that this issue has apparently plagued others for many months without any solution offered by Ring, I am honestly regretting choosing this doorbell.

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This would at least make the doorbell function again like a traditional doorbell. Better than a faulty doorbell that only works half the time.
I’m curious if this is a temporary workaround

Having exactly the same issue.
Please fix this.
Worked for several years now suddenly a problem.