Ring doorbell pro 2 power output level 3

I installed the wired doorbell where we had an existing doorbell and made sure the transformer is the proper 16V-30V. The doorbell works but device health shows out put is 25 V and level 3 (in red), even though power is “good.” What else could be happening and what should I try? The transformer is connected directly to the fuse box in the basement and it’s not new. But since it’s the appropriate voltage, why is the app still showing output is low?

Hi @Janorin1. Can you please share a screenshot showing this messaging you’re receiving in the Ring App about your Doorbell Pro’s power level? Are you experiencing any performance concerns in addition to this message about the power level?

I’m also seeing this same issue in the Ring app. Ring device is working fine, no issues at all. Yet seeing the Power Output level 3.

Hi @user17097. When you tap on Power Output, what does it say? Feel free to share another screenshot showing this screen as well.

Known Issue: if confirmed that you have a 16V-30a pr 24V-40a transformer installed and connected properly but still see ‘Power Level 3’ alert:

  1. Go to ‘Device Health’
  2. Scroll to bottom of section
  3. Initiate ‘Reboot Device’ (Reboot is very much needed after and transformer or wiring upgrade; don’t trust any device power reporting until reboot is conducted)

After the doorbell reboots, it will resample power output and display ‘Power Level 1’
If issue remains after reboot, more likely something wrong with tranformer or wiring setup.


How long should it normally take for the App to update following “Reboot” action is taken?

Hi @user23756. This should only take a few minutes.