Ring Doorbell Pro 2 - not going to use any hardwired chimes

I am not going to use my 2 hardwired doorbell chimes, I will cut them out and splice the wires. I want to use the existing wiring from a hard wired 24VAC transformer to power two(2) Ring Doorbell Pro 2. Is it okay to have them share the transformer? and do I need to use the Pro Power Kit v3 with them at the transformer? I read on the website that you don’t need the Pro Power Kit v3 since it is hard wired and there is no chime, but I read from a post directing to read the wiring diagram, and it says to use Pro Power Kit v3.

Hi @HS2. If you are hardwired a Ring Pro 2 directly to a transformer, you do not need to use the Pro Power Kit V3. To know if your transformer can support this, I suggest consulting a qualified electrician to evaluate your doorbell circuit.