Ring Doorbell Pro 2 No Video Recordings

I have been having some odd behaviour with my Ring Pro 2 doorbell. Last week I noticed that while the doorbell rang and all the Alexa devices responded to a press of the button, no video was recorded, nor was Live View working. The doorbell had been working fine since 15 February when I first installed it. The system health showed that the device was connected to Wi-Fi, so I contacted Ring support and after 30 minutes of various tests and app changes it was decided the doorbell was faulty and a new one was sent to me. One thing I wasn’t asked to do was delete the doorbell from my account and reinstall it. I have now installed the new one but after I set up the system and app settings it exhibited the same issues within a short time. Given this was a new doorbell I thought that it was unlikely the doorbell was faulty (and probably the original doorbell wasn’t faulty either or maybe they are both faulty). So, I considered there must be some issue with my Wi-Fi setup but after an extensive effort in connecting the device to different access points and rebooting the router many times, the device would not record video. It was clearly connected to the internet as I could log onto Ring.com and connect to the doorbell, but not ‘live view’. Also, the support team could log on to the original doorbell remotely when it wasn’t functioning correctly.
The doorbell seemed to have entered a ‘basic’ operating mode; it rang but no video at all. I established the only way I can get the doorbell to function fully is to delete it from my account and then delete all data from the app, then reinstall it from scratch. If I just deactivate the unit and reactivate, the unit appears to work, but I found, that in this state, the snapshot feature didn’t work. If I then changed the snapshot timings, the unit then reverted to the ‘basic’ mode once more and I had to totally reinstall it to get all the functions working again.
I also established that if the device is power cycled, the unit enters the same ‘basic’ mode, i.e. no video. This happens even after I reinstall the doorbell then power cycle the unit. Having re-installed the doorbell several times during my investigations, I have managed to set the 3D detection, motion zones and set one private zone. I have also changed the video night mode, night colour mode and HDR on and it has worked fine so far since yesterday. I worry though, that should the system suffer a brief power failure, it will stop working again. I just wonder if there is a firmware bug in the system.
I would be grateful for any comments.

Hi @BAFlyer. Since you have already worked with our support team, you have most likely already tried all the basic troubleshooting steps I could offer here in the Community. I recommend contacting our support team once more if you run into the same concern again. They should be able to take a more in-depth look into your ongoing concern.

Thank you for your reply and I understand that there is little more you can do given the device is currently working. However, I wonder if comments are fed back to your engineering teams, just in case they can replicate the issues described and work out a solution to a fix.

Further to my last comments, the doorbell continued to stop giving live views, or any video at all, every 4 days or, so I have experimented with a 2.4 gHz Wi-Fi bridge. The unit only supports b/g/n connections, so is effectively isolating the doorbell from my Wi-Fi 6 Deco units. Since installing this Wi-Fi bridge the doorbell has worked without issue. I have noticed that the doorbell does disconnect and immediately reconnect to the Wi-Fi bridge quite often, as the connection times given by the Wi-Fi bridge software vary from an hour to tens of hours. Power cycling the device no longer causes the doorbell to misfunction either, as it always did before.
In conclusion, it seems that connecting the doorbell directly to a Wi-Fi 6 AP causes some form of re-connection issue if it drops off and causes the doorbell firmware to crash. This was, of course, simulated by power cycling the unit, which always caused the live view etc., to fail. I wonder if these observations can be passed onto the ring software engineers to try and find a firmware “fix” for the doorbell so that Wi-Fi 6 connections don’t cause issues.

Hi @BAFlyer. Thank you for the updates. I’ll be sure to share this information.