Ring Doorbell Pro 2 motion zone issues

In both the iPhone and Android app when trying to adjust the size of the motion zones (from a default square shape) the range to change the shape is extremely limited in the new Pro 2 doorbell. Anyone else notice same? I’ve tested both using the latest iOS and Android app and both behave the same. However, with my previous Doorbell Pro (original) the motion zones can be edited and the shape adjusted much more freely.

Seems like another software bug where Ring didn’t test their product properly before shipping it to customers.

Hi @Scott_H. Both of the Ring Pros share our Customizable Motion Zones. This Community post here will explain more about this feature. I hope this information helps.

Unfortunately, it seems you didn’t read my post. I did read the link you provided and it only contains obvious information I’m already aware of. Keep in mind I’ve been using several different Ring Doorbell models over the years. There is a bug for the Pro 2 where it DOES NOT allow you to draw motion zones into any shape. The ability to change the shape is drastically limited as compared to the original Pro doorbell.

Please try with a Pro 2 and you’ll see what I’m talking about. iOS or Android, same issue.

Hi @Scott_H, happy to chime in here. Would you be able to provide a screenshot or a screen recording to show an example of what you’re seeing with the Motion Zones? I’d be happy to take a look and see if I can better understand what’s going on with your Motion Zones. :slight_smile:


I just saw your post.

I’ve reported these (very obvious, totally reproducible) Motion Zone bugs (that occur when you attempt to use the iPadOS version of the Ring app to configure a Ring Doorbell Pro 2) to various Tech Support reps.

Unfortunately, Ring Tech Support reps tend to act like I’m a person of limited intelligence who is not very tech-savvy. This is true even when I explain that:

  • This new doorbell replaced my Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  • I understand how the Motion Zone feature is supposed to work
  • The Motion Zone feature worked with my old doorbell
  • The problems occur every time I attempt to use the feature with my new doorbell

I am very disappointed that the Motion Detection-related features (which control the creation of video clips) worked far better on the Pro model. The difference is dramatic. The Pro model was useful. The Pro 2 model is not very useful because it creates relatively few video clips – resulting in serious privacy/security issues.

Obviously, I am trying to determine why the Pro 2 model creates such few video clips. For example, are some/all the of the problems caused by the bugs in the Motion Zone feature?

Any ideas?

I have the same experience.

I own a Ring Pro, which I can verify that adjusting the motion zones is pretty smooth.

Also own a Ring Pro 2, and can verify that adjusting the motion zones is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE.

IMHO, there is no good reason why adjusting the motion zones is easy on Ring Pro but impossible on the Ring Pro 2. It’s a software/firmware issue for sure, and Ring should just own up to it, and fix it.

Tech support was nice about handling my inquiry, but in the end were no help. It is not their fault.

Bottom line, I regret purchasing the Ring Pro 2. :disappointed:

Thanks for update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same issue. Bumped into your thread. Thanks for creating it.


Not that I have the Pro 2, but I have researched it and I am considering it. I wonder if it’s because the pro 2 has a wider field of view, and they have not updated the software to reflect that when creating zones (so just replicated the software for Pro 1).