Ring Doorbell Pro 2: Getting notifications for motions outside Bird's Eye Zone

I am getting motion notifications for movements that are outside of the Bird’s Eye Zone on my Ring Doorbell Pro 2. Normally, when there’s motion inside the Bird’s Eye Zone, the recording shows Bird’s Eye View on the top left corner of the video as a series of dots on the map. However, the video recordings of these nuisance notifications do not show the Bird’s Eye View at all (which suggests to me that the motion occurred outside of the Bird’s Eye Zone). Why am I getting these nuisance notifications?

Hi @Ringuser4817. I would suggest reconfiguring your Motion Zones. We have this Help Center article here with some helpful information. You can also share some screenshots of how your zones are setup or how motion is being detected and we can better assist you.

Spent an hour on the phone with tech support. We tried resetting the device, deleting the device and re-adding, adjusting various settings. No matter what we tried, I keep getting notifications for motions outside 30 feet. After all that trying, the tech support agent told me that’s just how it’s supposed to work. Which was absolutely ridiculous, because the help article says “If a motion isn’t detected by both views, the motion will be ignored.” That’s also how it’s explained in the app itself.

So why is Ring app sending me notifications for motions that are ONLY detected by the camera? I should only get notifications for motions detected by BOTH camera AND radar.

I saw several threads on Reddit complaining about this very issue from a year ago. So is this something that just doesn’t work? (Like how Ring app tells you that you would get an email about getting a free faceplate for Doorbell Pro 2, but then Ring never sends it out)

Hi @Ringuser4817. This is a feature that should be working. I can’t speculate on what is causing this issue, as I haven’t done troubleshooting with you but you shouldn’t be having this issue. As for your Faceplate, sometimes the email ends up in your Junk or Spam folders. Feel free to send us a message on Facebook @Ring and one of agents will be able to assist you in getting to the bottom of this.

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