Ring Doorbell Pro 2 connection with Friendland 525 chime

I have a Ring Doorbell Pro 2. The Ring support team did send me a compatibility list for chime to connect with. I now have a Friendland 525, which is on the compatible list which Ring provided me last weekend. I did connect regarding the instructions I received by telephone. But when I finished installation, I am not able to get things working.
I have a whired Ring Doorbell Pro 2, installed according instruktion. Installed without Friedland, it works ! But when installing the Friendland chime it is not.
Can provide me with the proper connection scheme on paper. Ring pro powerkid v3 was not in my package coming from the store. Please assist and support.

Hi @MartienSteeghs. This Help Center article here has information on how to hardwire your Ring Pro 2. Make sure that you have the correct chime kit type selected in the Ring app under the Device Settings > General Settings. I hope this helps!