Ring doorbell press activates Echo Show view

How can I create a skill so that when a visitor presses the ring doorbell pro, Echo Show will automatically provide a live feed? This can’t be much more difficult than the current routine of someone pressing my doorbell and Alexa saying something.


Boy I would like this functionality too! Hope someone can figure it out. I’m looking at the possibility of a routine to do this. There is an option to start the routine when either there is motion or the doorbell button is pressed, but no option to tell Alexa what to do when this happens. Ugh.


I have scoured the Internet and saw HUNDREDS of the same request, but no solutions. One would think this would have been considered a basic feature from the start? ?

What I found is, one has to ask Alexa to show the door bell video. Too sad it doesn’t happen automatically. I agree, this feature is a must have.

Absolutely agree. Needed!