Ring doorbell power status Poor


My Ring doorbell Power Status is showing status Poor.

I have followed the recommended steps to work around this issue but it remains the same.

see attached image

Any idea what could be wrong?

Hey @girom. What battery percentage or voltage is it when you press on the word “Poor”? Also, what kind of Doorbell do you have? You may also want to try a reboot of the Doorbell, or if it’s battery powered, take it down/battery out and charge it up to full!


Thank you for responding to my post.

The battery level is 22%, I have removed the Doorbell from the wall and charged it through the USB cable for 24hrs but the status remains the same.

The doorbell type can be seen in the attached image.

Should I open ticket?

@girom When you charged the battery, you had to take it out of the Doorbell, correct? The box shows you have a Ring Video Doorbell 2, so I want to make sure you took the battery out to charge it! If it’s fully charged, it will be just green and not green and orange, so I hope this was the case for you. If this is the case, then once you have the battery back in, give it some time to update after dinging the Doorbell. Then it should update to a higher percentage! If it still does not, contact our support team here.

Ok ,good 2 know its the Doorbell 2 and Yes, I have removed it from the wall to charge it.

I’ll open a case (unfortunetly, this unit was recently replaced by Ring as the original one was faulty).

Thank you for your service.

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