Ring doorbell on new house

I bought a new house with a ring installed. I tried to add it to my account but it says it’s still registered to the old owners.
I had the realtor get ahold of them & they said they’ve already canceled their ring account and deactivate the doorbell.
Is there anything I can do to get this to work or do I have to throw it away?

If you contact support, they will contact the old owners. They give them three days to respond. I’m still in my 3 day waiting period. If I dont have ownership after that, I will reply again in this thread.

p.s. you’ll need the MAC adress of your device, which you can find by removing the cover and taking it off the wall.

Hey neighbors! It sounds like you are needing to complete the change of ownership process, which can be initiated by simply starting a setup in your Ring app. During your attempted setup, an automatic email was generated to the previous owner of the device instructing them to remove that device if they are no longer the owner.

While this email delivery is immediate, it can take previous owners some time before removing from their account. If it has been more than 72 hours since your first attempted setup, please contact deviceowner@ring.com for further assistance. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Suggestion to the folks at Ring. While it does refer to emailing the existing owner in the help, it isn’t clear when I was doing the set-up that this occurs and so wasn’t at all sure if by scanning the Mac Id, that had itself sent the request to the current ‘owner’. Instead, wasted time both finding out how to have that email sent and also wasted time trying to track down the previous owner. The message the app gave was simply that I must have the previous owner add me or remove the device. Maybe it’s for security as a the thief might not want their info sent BUT if the thief knows enough to get this way too unique screw driver, I suspect they have the info of what to do.