Ring doorbell offline

My doorbell went offline and now will not even light up. I thought at first it was the wifi connection because I have a smart light on my porch that went offline as well. After restarting the router the light works but still not the doorbell. It won’t even light up when pressing the orange button or even for a hard reset. It’s connected to my original doorbell wiring so battery recharge shouldn’t be an issue. Anyone else have this problem?

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Hey @StentaA04. Are you able to take the Doorbell off of the hardwiring and manually charge it up? You may want to check the hardwiring connections to your front door devices, as it seems something may have shorted out, causing them to go offline in the first place. If the hardwiring is still valid, when the device is online and wired back up, it should show as hardwired in the Device Health page.

I have the same problem. No one can figure it out. My Ring pro is hard wired. It’s getting 18V of power. When I hit the side button it sometmes flashes once. The app repeatedly keeps saying “unable to join the ring network”. It does it over and over again. The electrician can’t figure it out either.

I’m about ready to throw it in the trash. Biggest waste of time of any wifi device connected. I’ve tried pretty much everything. Rebooted hte router, hard reset, soft reset, called Ring, that was a waste. too. Before it went off line, the wifi signal was strong. Then I lost it and can’t get it to work. Biggest piece of junk.

We installed a stronger transformer. 24V. Ring worked perfectly for about 3 hours. However, the chime went nuts at night, the chime rang constantly. We had to disconnect the transformer to shut it off. Didn’t matter what setting I had on the Ring doorbell. So now I have a Chime problem. But the doorbell itself, along with the video and motion detection is working.

There was a power surge in my neighborhood and I noticed the doorbell started working again. Now it looks like it shuts off every other day. It will work when I turn the breaker to the doorbell off and on for a little while. Is there not enough power to the doorbell? In the device health section it says both my WiFi and the voltage are “good.”

My Ring app said the same thing. I had a 16V transponder. I changed to a 24v transponder and that made the difference. I also switched from a digital doorbell to a mechanical doorbell.

Ring is disingeneious about their minimum equipment requirements. Old equipment, digital equipment and weak equipment all causes problems. You Tube has lots of great information - much better than you will find on Ring.com.

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