Ring Doorbell - notifications still received even when removed


I have a Ring doorbell which works really great. However, my ex and myself were the 2 users. Since we separated, I removed her through the app in receiving notifications. But she still receives every movement notification.


  • is there another place where I need to remove users?

  • can I perform a full reset so that so does not receive them anymore?

Thank you,

Hi @Wimues. To remove a shared user, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Open up the Ring app and go to the main menu at the top left
  • Select Settings and then Users
  • Tap on the user you would like to remove
  • Tap on the red trash can icon near the upper right and confirm the removal by hitting Remove again

This should help address your concern, but if she continues to get notifications, please have her log out of the app and ensure she is logging into her personal account. Hope this helps!

Hi Chelsea,

thank you very much for the feedback.

I followed these steps and removed the other users.

However - they keep on receiving notifications. I also validated and on their phone, they are not even logged into Ring anymore?

Thank you


@Wimues. Thanks for giving that a try! If you could, please reach out to our support team here for further assistance so they could take a deeper look into this for you.