Ring doorbell notifications arent coming through to my android phone

Hi all,

My doorbell’s alerts are not coming through to my phone. For example, whenever people used to push the button on the device - I’d get an alert to my phone or even when motion is detected, but that’s not the case anymore.

Has anyone else experienced this and willing to share with me their troubleshooting procedures? I would like the alerts back for peace of mind.

Hi @AAL1. Notifications are something that I rely on daily, so I can understand how it gives you piece of mind. What version of the Ring app are you using? I would ensure that it is up to date, as well as your phones OS. Additionally, this Help Center article here has some great information on how to troubleshoot notifications for an Android phone. I would make sure that your Notifications on your Android are cleared and the cache is empty. This should help. :slightly_smiling_face: