Ring Doorbell Not Working Firmware Issue ?

I have a new Ring Doorbell which is not playing ball. It is connected to our wi-fi and available in the app but is not functioning. The device is stuck in an endless loop flashing white and then blue and then white, blue without end. I also cannot connect to a video stream. Device health reports are also showing the device is okay but some of the details are wrong (showing hardwired or solar powered when it is not). It is not an issue on the wi-fi as this is a second Ring Doorbell at home. It is also not a wi-fi coverage issue either. To be sure I switched off any port filtering with no joy. I must have reset the device and started from scratch 10 plus times. Same result each time. Any ideas before it gets returned ?

Sorry to hear about this @richiechambers! As you mentioned having to reset your Video Doorbell several times, please ensure you are doing so by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. If this has been done, the next best steps will be to remove and reinstall the app on your phone, or try another mobile device for a new setup from scratch. Please also complete this setup near your router and leave the Doorbell nearest the router during the update. If this does not resolve your concern, please reach out to our support team for more in-depth assistance.