Ring doorbell not working despite trying every different wire

Hey everyone,

I spent my entire Saturday afternoon trying to install this doorbell and it simply would not work. I was able to find the right switch on the circuit breaker, drill holes into my brick siding, and successfully connect the doorbell to my WiFi router. However, it was telling me that it was unable to draw power from my existing home set up. I am honestly defeated and at a loss. I bought this to hopefully catch the guy who has been stealing packages from my porch, but instead it looks like I will have to return this (if they ever accept it back) or try to find someone else to buy it.

My house has an intercom system that barley works, and I assumed the yellow and blue wire would be fine to power it. Even my buddy who is an electrician said it would be fine, because he has the Ring doorbell, too, and works for the city. Nope.

I have attached photos, maybe some one can point out what I am doing wrong here?

I tried hooking up the yellow and blue wires to the terminals - no luck.

I also tried hooking up the purple wire and the yellow wire to the terminals as well - no luck.

PLEASE, some one help me. I spent 3 hours on this today and I still have nothing to show for it expect a $100 debit on my credit card.

Imgur link with more photos - Imgur: The magic of the Internet

P.S. I have a digital doorbell that when the old bell was rung it would ring through all the itnercoms in my house.

Hi there, @Brooklyn718! The Video Doorbell Pro is often not compatible with intercom kits as these will usually operate via DC power and require unique wiring configurations. Check out our Chime Compatibility List to see what model chime kits work best with the Pro.

In addition to the Video Doorbell Pro power requirement of 16v to 24v AC, please also ensure the wiring used is of proper gauge as described in this help center article. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: