Ring doorbell not working at night

Weird how ring records fine until 10pm. Yes after 10pm recordings are nil. Phone support says lighting is the problem. Not sure how it’s any lighter at 9pm than it is at 10pm. Starts recording again at 7am. Yet not lighter than 6am.

All smart settings turned off. Been through every setting possible yet no change.

Or do I just need to rely on preexisting old fashioned proper CCTV?

Looking at these threads I am not alone.

Same here but from 5 does nt pick anything up until 8am next morning??

Hi neighbors, I’m happy to clarify. Ring devices are not designed to function like a CCTV system, as they do not record continuously. With a Ring Protect plan, your Ring Doorbell will record when motion is detected, someone pushes the button, or the Live View is activated. Lighting will impact motion detection to some degree, however it’s more likely that there is less activity at night than during the day. If there are no motions in your Doorbell’s view, then it will not have anything to detect and record.

With that in mind, I’d also recommend checking your Modes settings to ensure you do not have motion detection turned off in a particular Mode. We have more information on Modes here. I hope this information helps.