Ring doorbell not recording motions at night

Works fine all day, but not recording anything all night

Hey @Alyboy. Is it possible that the Live View at night is too dark and not having a lot of movement, and therefore it is hard for the Doorbell to detect motion? In addition, what kind of Doorbell is this for? Are you able to walk in front of your Doorbell at night time to see if you can set it off from motion detection?

I have the same problem. It is not the darkness, because it does pick up motion after dark. This is happening 11:30 and the wee hours of the morning. I am including a screenshot of what I get with a live view, but nothing is being recorded and I am not getting notifications. We had someone trying to open car doors and it did not pick it up.
Ring screenshot

Hi @user29132. If the motion detection for your Doorbell is not working correctly during the night, try the following steps:

You also want to test the motion detection yourself during the night to see if it picks you up, as it could be possible that the person did not walk within the range of your Doorbell’s motion detection. I hope this helps.

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