Ring doorbell not recording + draining battery

So… Recently I noticed that my doorbell isn’t recoding motions, or snapshots when setting from “Home” mode to “Away” mode, plus battery draining like crazy, from 80% to 20% within 6hrs. Doorbell is just a 15 months in use. Are these doorbells good only for a year, and then should I bin it?

No, this isn’t normal. Maybe that you need to reset your doorbell as maybe a corrupt setting or firmware upgrade didn’t go well.
Otherwise, you should reach out to Ring Support for assistance. Be aware hold times are very long.
Contact Us – Ring Help

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So doorbell again just died without any warning… Thought its WiFi, turns out it just died because of battery. Last time I checked it showed 68%…
Is there an contact email? That chat is just a bs robot replies…

No there’s no email. You need to call via the a phone number in your area of the world.