Ring doorbell not picking up all motion or package deliveries

My Ring Doorbell 4 has missed 2 parcel deliveries. It has shown up and notified all other deliveries and movements. Is there a device out there that can block it.

My understanding is that there are certainly devices out there that can block wifi.

Were these parcels stolen?

My Video Doorbell 2 does miss deliveries, and from what I’ve read on the Community, it is not uncommon.

Are you able to set up another camera as a backup? For example, place a pixel based camera at the window that covers the area of people walking up to the front door. It has to be pixel based motion detection in order to work through glass. PIR (passive infrared) will not work through glass. Pixel-based cameras are typically plug in devices (not battery). Not sure whch Ring cameras use pixel-based motion detection. There are many brands of 9jexpensive pixel based cameras.

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