Ring doorbell not connecting to Ring network during setup

I have a first-generation Ring doorbell. The video was not showing. So I did a hard reset and pressed the orange button for 20 seconds. I went through the setup process but it won’t connect to the wifi Ring network. The doorbell light is not spinning it just blinks on and off a few times then stops. I’ve reinstalled the Ring software on my iPhone 11 and I tried resetting it a couple of times and I still can’t get it to work. Help!

It doesn’t work for me either. You need to remove the device (device settings -> general settings) and then add a new device. It will remember some of the old settings.

You want to hear the device say ‘welcome to ring’. If you hear ‘ring is in setup mode’ or such it will not find the ring setup network.

I guess you and I are ring’s quality assurance team. Do you think they do any regression testing ?

It doesn’t work for me either