Ring doorbell not charging

My Ring Doorbell 3 has never shown 100% and has been hardwired the whole 2-3mo I have had it. My Doorbell 2 that I had at my old house for a year never skipped a beat and worked perfectly while hardwired.

Now it is super cold, and lithium batteries don’t like the cold, but its hardwired and should still function!

Between this and the constant nuisance notifications ever since my trial protect subscription expired I think its time to get rid of this and try a SkyBell or something else.

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@ring there has to be an issue, I removed my battery from the ring doorbell 2 and charged it via the USB cable, as it had stopped working even though it is hardwired.
I’ve just checked it again now after a full charge and its showing 3% battery, what’s going on?
I’ve ordered another hardwire power supply, however, this proves its not an issue with the power supply as it was fully charged beforehand.
Doubt anyone will respond looking at all these comments on here.

I recently obtained the ring doorbell. If it’s hardwired, then why is the battery showing 65%? It’s connected to wifi just fine and it replaced my existing doorbell so I’m not quite understanding this. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Deltabreeze! When first getting your Video Doorbell, it will likely not be charged 100%. We recommend charging it to 100% after, or during, setup and updating for the first time.

Having the Doorbell hardwired is a great way to extend battery charge life. Keep in mind, the power will supply a trickle charge to the Doorbell battery while the Doorbell utilizes the battery to operate. This means that too many motion events, live views, frequent lengthy video streams, and even wifi interference can drain a battery quicker than it can charge. Check out our Community post about battery draining for tips on improving charge. :slight_smile:

We installed the ring doorbell. The app said everything was installed correctly but it’s showing the power source is battery but it’s hardwired. What’s wrong? The device health and product says everything is good on it, just not recognizing the hardwire.

I’ve been on the phone with support for two days now .They don’t want to listen.I had a ring 2 and I thought it was broken because night recording had stopped. So I bought a ring 3,looks now like my 2 just wasn’t charging.So upgraded for no reason. I charged my battery to 100% used the door bell for one day it went down to 90%. So I turned off recording and alerts , so basically just trickle charging. After 12 hours the battery reads 91% . At this rate it will never keep up.I called ring back and they are clueless and just say reset the ring.They need to listen to us as consumers and fix the issue . My hardwired ring is getting 24vac . Hey ring fix this issue or I’m sending back to amazon and buying a competitor .

Why doesn’t Ring disclose that hardwiring means “trickle charge” only. It’s very deceiving to sell item as the one to have option to be hardwired counting on customers to assume real meaning of the terminology which always means source of power is coming from the wires. On the other hand I guess Amazon doesn’t care as long as the item is sold. Too powerful to care for customer, right?

Hi there, neighbors! Thank you for sharing your experiences and feedback with the Community, as well as your solutions with other neighbors. When it comes to keeping your battery charged, there are many variables to consider. You’ll find our Community post by Riley most helpful in describing what to consider for optimal battery life between charges. Additionally, depending on where you are located, many regions are seeing colder temperatures. Check out our help center article for tips on operating your devices in the cold, and what temperatures to avoid.

Connecting your Video Doorbell to wiring and/or the appropriate power source, can certainly help supply a trickle charge, as described in this Hardwired vs Battery Powered Operation help center article. If you are needing a power source, here are some of our accessories that might help:

We’ve also seen success with neighbors using wired devices in colder environments, such as our Video Doorbell Pro or our newest Video Doorbell Wired (available for pre-order), to avoid charging a battery all together.

As always, if you feel as though you are experiencing significant battery drain, not related to the factors described above, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

I see lots of people are having this problem on a perfectly working unit up till a few weeks ago, then that battery stops charging when hardwired. What I don’t understand is that they sell units that do not use a battery but are hardwired into the existing doorbell wiring, so how do they work?

If it is hardwired, it should only need to use the battery when there is no power, such as during a power outage. In addition, batteries should stay charged for about a month according to the instruction book, so why is it draining so fast even while it is hardwired? I am an electrical engineer of over 45 years and most of what Ring customer service says makes no sense.

I tend to go with the theory they pushed out some bad code during a recent firmware patch and they either don’t know how to fix it or don’t want the publicity over the problem, however that will backfire once the trade magazine learns of this problem. I am about ready to send my unit back and get a refund since I have only had the unit for a few weeks. I understand there are several wifi doorbells out in the market, so I will look over what is available.

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Not sure what happened but this battery won’t charge anymore, tried multiple mini usb with no luck.

What can I do now?

Wow they told me to buy another one guess I won’t be after this bs

I am now having the exact same problem, it will not charge through the hardwired connection. did not have a problem before until this recent update.

WTH is going on?!!! is this a way to force us to upgrade?!!!

Mine just died. Last event was like 7 days previous . so it was dead for a week. Started getting static from electronic door bell in the house which is what made me look at it . If i bypass the bell in the house will the ring charge faster instead of trikle charging through the bell?

Should it have given me a warning email or app that battery was low and in need of charging

I just installed a ring doorbell 3 plus. I verified my voltage is 12.8 V. I wired it up and the chime inside works so the wiring is correct, but the app says battery power (not hardwired) and the battery is draining. What could be wrong?