Ring doorbell not charging

sandycec: A lot of speculation but the exact problem is unknown. Does ring monitor this “solved” thread, I sure hope so. When and what is “aws server crash day”.

Good question - no idea why and how this was deemed solved until unless most people posting here said the solution worked which for me it didn’t. Going to spend another agonizing hour or so with support later today. Will post any updates if I see progress.

This issue is NOT: corroded wires, washers*, bad transformers*, firmware updates, the boogeyman, etc… AND I have tried all of these to avoid taking it apart.

*Test your transformer before replacing it. It is probably just as fine as it was 10-20-30+ years ago. Removing the ring may create enough movement/flex to TEMPORARILY reset the pins. Same goes for adding washers, etc. Even pressing the “doorbell button” could cause enough flex to break or reset contact. This is probably what “fixed” mine the SEVERAL times I tried, until it no longer fixed it. Just like others have already said, it is the internal pins. Anything else is pure coincidence, end of story.

Thanks to the individuals before me who dissassembled and uploaded pictures. When I took mine apart, one spring pin was completely collapsed into its housing, never to return. I suspect solder buildup, or tinfoil, if it works, is only temporary, as the pins will keep receding, never to return. I soldered jumper wires (tinkering and soldering since middle school). There is very little clearance, so plan carefully. As soon as I was done, the white light returned, the app said hardwired.

If/when this finally bites the dust for good… Ring can send me a replacement (out of warranty) each and every time this crap happens. OR I’m leaving for the competition. Too bad they don’t seem to acknowledge the issue, and “Ring 3 not showing hardwired” threads are already popping up, so a real fix/redesign doesn’t seem likely.

This has been happening to me for years. I pull off the doorbell, clean the contacts (which don’t look very dirty to me), spray a little electrical contact cleaner, then reinstall. It works for about a year, then reverts back to battery. I’m sick of messing with it. I’m gonna try the Wyze doorbell.

The nunber in that post is a spoof number. It is not the phone number for ring support.

All support numbers can be found here, https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036196372

USA is 800-656-1918


Except when it doesn’t. Yes, we all know a wired Ring doorbell should remain charged, so there is obviously a problem when it doesn’t.

Thinking the same thing but how can we be sure we won’t run in to the same issues

I have a extension card to where it is .Doesn’t take long to charge

Just remember every other day to charge it .It doesn’t take long to charge @ all

Check out Wyze Video Doorbell. I figure if it doesn’t work, I’m out $30. If it does, I can say goodbye to Ring and all the hassles with not charging.

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I installed the ring 3 on Saturday night. Ran new 14g single pair to a spilt volt transformer. Tested everything all the way through. Charged the battery to 100% and I was pulling a perfect voltage off the transformer. 24 hours later nothing was happening at the transformer. Zero across all the leads but the in take was hot so I automatically thought I fried the transformer some how. Pulled it out and replaced it. This time I hot wired the transformer off a regular wall outlet just to test it before hand. Everything was fine perfect 24v off the leads. So back to wire it in as soon as I closed the breaker. Nothing ! No draw on the leads while the ring was attached. Toned out the new single pair I installed. It was perfect. Tested the transformer with out the ring attached it was gone. Nothing at the leads. What the hell! So back to home depot for another transformer. This time I changed the battery 100% tested everything contact. Bingo. New transformer ,100% on battery and health report said hardwire. Unit dropped to 80% in five hours and was back in battery. New transformer was also dead. So friends any input would help.

What type of washer? Copper?

Hey @ThebootGuy. The first thing that I would note is that the use of 14G wire is not ideal for the wiring. At Ring, we recommend an 18G wire for best results, with 16G still being acceptable. I would recommend switching the wiring, as this could be the source of your issues. If you are not comfortable doing this, I would recommend a trusted, licensed electrician. I hope this information helps!

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I can confirm that installing the Pro Powerkit in your existing mechanical chime does the trick (as long as you’re using a compatible chime and transformer). My Ring 3 plus now shows as ‘hardwired’ in device health, and the battery is charging.

Not sure why Ring doesn’t ship all doorbells with the powerkit. Would spare many customers from hours of grief.

I’m looking for a new alternative my self how do you like it so far?

May I ask where did you get it does it have to be a certain kind?

Having the same issue - if my hardwired doorbell is connected properly and working properly I shouldn’t have to disconnect it to charge it. Had no issues and then all of a sudden 2 different doorbells started losing charge. My front door one eventually died so I unscrewed it and charged it. If I have to unscrew it again it’ll be for good.

Ring really needs to fix this issue!

Ring Doorbell 2 won’t charge here either. I purchased two at the same time and one malfunctioned (stopped charging) within a month so I got a replacement. It’s still working but who knows for how long. The other one just malfunctioned (stopped charging) and is out of warranty. Technical support was not knowledge and rude. She must be fed up with the issue too or having a bad day.

Ring needs to fix this issue and send replacement units!

Let me know when the class …suit is filed.

They refuse to admit that this changed via firmware. My ring doorbell 2 charged fine for over 2 years including cold weather. Now they refuse to acknowledge this. All they will repeatedly say is the device is alarming that the temperature is cold. I ask them to explain why it worked fine the other winters and they refuse to discuss.