Ring doorbell not charging

Have good luck with my ring doorbell till the battery went down to 3%, I’ve got it hardwired so I took it off and charged it up full, now I have it back up and working but it’s not holding the charge what is my problem?


Have good luck with my ring doorbell till the battery went down to 3%, I’ve got it hardwired so I took it off and charged it up full, now I have it back up and working but it’s not holding the charge what is my problem?


I’m having the same issues… what am i doing wrong??

Same problem here . It’s winter here, the ring is wired and batterie is at 0%.

will try to charge it again today.

Hey neighbors! When connected to existing doorbell wires, with a power supply of 8 - 24VAC, the voltage will provide a charge to your Video Doorbell battery. With normal use and optimal conditions your battery will stay charged.

Check out our Community post for tips on how to optimize your battery life between charges. You can also learn more about the benefits of hardwired operation here.

So a 24 volt ac power supply will charge the battery in version 1 ring?


I am having the same issue

I’m pretty sure something has happened since a recent firmware update. My ring doorbell 1 has been wired and always stayed at 100%. It’s now starting to drop following a recent update.


Mine too is hardwired and doesn’t charge the battery. I have to bring mine inside and charge just like before it was hardwired.


My doorbell no longer shows being hardwired. I don’t know if it’s the hardware or the software that’s the problem but Ring needs to address this issue. Considering getting a Nest Hello video doorbell and be done with these problems.


Hey neighbors! If you are having a concern still with your doorbell not charging when hardwired, and you’ve visited the help articles I’ve linked in my previous posts, it may be best to reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1918! They can help you out and take a deep look into this with further troubleshooting.

You are stating what your sales literature says “will” happen without replying to the question as to what is actually happening. I have 20.6 volts ac at the terminals of my Ring doorbell but it will not charge. The Ring app is telling me it is operating off battery power. Please, for me and all the others with this problem, offer a solution or you will surely be receiving thousands of these units back for a refund.


When I called customer service about this problem they acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about. Seems they don’t really care. I think I might be looking at a Google nest hello video doorbell.


Having a similar issue here, just noticed it this week. I’ve had my Ring Doorbell for over a year and it has never dropped below 99%. All of a sudden this week I noticed it was down into the low 80s. I monitored it during the week but it just kept dropping even though the app shows it is hardwired and getting power. I even swapped the battery out for one from my spotlight cam that was fully charged and it’s doing the same thing so the issue isn’t the battery. This is definately something that Ring has changed recently, likely a firmware update, dissapointing that they won’t come out and admit it and haven’t released a fix. With all the problems Ring is facing in the media you would think they would be trying to go out of their way to keep their customers not brushing them off.


I’m going to buy the Nest Hello video doorbell. Most of my smart things are Google anyways.


Same issue here. Doorbell died completely, then I had to pull it off to charge via USB. Once i put it back on, it said hardwired, but battery % has been dropping every day. Just got off the phone with customer support and they had no recomendations/didn’t understand what I was explaining the them. Told me it was due to being cold outside and to call back when it dies.


Same here but in addition, the doorbell chime is not “chiming”.

I took it apart and reinstalled it but with no results.


2 doorbell cameras here. 1 is new, other is few years old. Both hardwired. Different houses. NEVER had an issue. Late 2019 both cameras are draining out. Agree on firmware update or some other developer changes. Perhaps the scanning is increased which is sucking more power. Either way, I’m disappointed that I have to bring these in now to charge every few weeks. These cams have been through -20/-30C with no fail (worst I ever observed was 92% charge in the extreme cold). Now they constantly drain and can’t build up a charge.

Spot light cam works excellent, charges beautifully with the solar panel.

Whatever they changed needs to be looked at. Cold weather is not a good reason.


Agreed. I’ve seen the cold cause the camera to stop functioning but have never seen it stop the battery from charging. We’re only between -10 and 10 C here now and it is still dropping. We had a cold snap not long ago where we had -30 to -40 and the camera stopped working but I expect that as it happens every year, every time it gets that cold, and this issue started long before that as the battery was already down into the 80% range by that time. Until the last couple months I had never seen the battery below 98-99% even when we hit -30 to -40 in previous years. I have never seen the camera fail to charge so long as it was warm enough to be operational. Saying it is the cold is a cop out from ring and they need to get their heads out of their rear ends and give us an explanation and fix.

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I had my Ring 2 for less than three weeks and was hardwired and the battery went dead! Why do we hardwire them if they aren’t taking a charge from the hardrwire? I was told by support that this was as designed! i was also told that the specs say not to use below feezing! I told the lady she was crazy its a doorbell, half the country is colder than 32 degrees half the year! Se said you wouldnt expect your cel phone battery to last out in the cold, i told her my cel phone was never designed to be out in the cold 7/24 but a doorbell is!

Needless to say bought a Nest and will be sending back our Doorbell 2 to Amazon today. Glad it was before outr30days was up with Amazon for a full refund. FYI Their specs call for much broader range of temp than the Door Bell 2 does. No battery to worry about either it get all of its power from your doorbell.