Ring doorbell not charging (NOT SOLVED!!)

I have the same issue, the v2 worked for several months, I bought a contract and the battery went dead, I managed to recharge it but it went dead second time. When it went dead the wifi signal was lost so it wasn’t clear it was broken. I was going to buy a wifi extender but realised when the battery was charged the signal was good. At this time 2 days ago the charge was 7% then yesterday 8 percent then this morning 10%. I bought a plug in transformer thinking thafhard wiring would fix this, but from all these comments it looks like this is not the case. I am at a loss and have lost faith in ring. I don’t know what to do. The concept is brilliant, the technical implementation very poor.

I have found that if you select the disable button on the app this then allows the doorbell to increase charge I have gone from 10% to 30%. I’ve also noticed ring selling a wirewound resistor. Can ring give a procedure to disconnect the battery and run on a transformer.

Same issue for me, from Denver CO.

Got my ring doorbell 2 for Christmas, hardwired it to the doorbell wires which I checked and the power is AC 19 volts, worked for a week and now doesn’t charge, anyone now, should I just return?

Same issue here. Doorbell is hardwired. Gone through two transformers to try and make it happy. Will be 100% battery and then next day will drop considerably OR it will stay 100% for a week and then change to 4% and notify my phone the battery needs to be recharged. Im pretty upset about this.

Same problem here. The chat now has the disclamer that troubleshooting is no longer being entertained. Good luck getting through to tech support via phone. It might be time for a BBB complaint - this issue gets no attention by whoever supposed to monitor this thread. No updates on the software.

I installed a ring doorbell 3 recently. I am getting 12.8V connected and the interior chime works! However, the app says battery power, not hardwired and the battery is draining. Seems to be wired correctly because the interior chime is working. Why does the app say battery power?