Ring Doorbell not charging no power

Just received two ring doorbells from my brother after he moved. Both were working and charged and installed the first one with no issues after charging. The second will no charge on usb. I hold the orange button for 20 seconds and no luck.

Is there any other ways to test and get power up?

It had dim white light on the good outdoor doorbell baseplate but will not power up to charge inside or outside again.

No power on good baseplate, no power on usb, hard reset doesn’t help.


As well no white ring at all on the unit. No white led light up. No colours or proof of power.

Has the micro usb port where you plug the lead into maybe been damaged?

Mico usb slots are known for this, in my opinion the worst connections ever invented, so many phones in the past broke so easy with those ports!

I wish ring had used usb type c! Or even a barrel connection.

If the bell is still under guarantee, ask for it to be replaced?

Turns out, the inside was all corroded and something had to have shorted once it was charged.

Definitely was not water tight and was given to me as a used so no loss but stuff functions as a normal door bell. I’m replacing it with a flood light cam so still in the Ring fam.

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