Ring doorbell not catching movement

I’m so beyond frustrated with my Ring products. The doorbell will notify me if a car drives past the front of my house, but won’t notify me if a carrier delivers a package to my front door, unless the delivery person rings the doorbell.


We’re here to help @sunshine603! There are many motion settings and solutions available to fine tune your motion detection. With it picking up undesired vehicle traffic, the best first step will be to adjust sensitivity and other motion settings in the Ring app. I recommend also adjusting your “motion frequency” setting to frequent.

Check out our Community articles about Motion Frequency and how the Video Doorbell detects motion. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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not like I’ve never adjusted the settings before. It just doesn’t matter. I’m just mad that I’ve spent so much money on products that don’t work right. The only reason I know that my package was delivered is when I get the notification from the shipper that delivery is complete. Then I log into my ring doorbell and see the package there. Don’t see anyone delivering it, which is really the point of this doorbell.


I am having the same issues. It doesn’t record the person walking toward the doorbell, it shows the delivery person ringing the doorbell and walking away. I have changing the setting a number of time and still doesn’t catch the person approching the door.


Ring door cameras suck, they are too easily hacked and they have terrible almost none existent customer service.

I had a generator (Emphasis on HAD) padlocked to a trailer right in front of the door camera. It was only going to be there one night and i figured who would steal it on camera?

The camera log shows me coming in a 5.30pm yesterday and going out at 6am this morning to find a cut lock and the gen set gone. Nothing in between. When I finally got to speak to someone at ring, (An offshore call center of course because profits are king over customer service) they said it was my settings and that they were not sensitive enough. So to be clear… it picked me up, picked up the garbage truck in the street, picked up the cat crossing but some how failed to see at least 2 guys for what must have been at least 5 minutes cutting cable and horsing the 400lb generator off the trailer. The ONLY logical answer is they hacked it… If petty thieves can hack a ring camera then they are practically worthless!!!

Save your money to pay to replace what got stolen, this product won’t prevent it!!!


I am sorry to hear of your loss and it must be very annoying that the Ring camera did not pick anything up. There are ways to interfear with ALL wifi camera, but it’s not classed as hacking. The cameras performance is very dependent on its wifi signal, motion settings and lighting at night.



from your description you have a Ring Battery model. You need to try and get the Doorbell to pick up the motion as early as possible. Ideally with the motion crossed from one side to the other so that it cuts through at least 2 motion zones.

in the cases you describe the motion is being detected too close to the unit, as it takes time to to initiate the cloud connection to send the notification and start the video streaming. This is where a good quality lag free ISP upload bandwidth is key to ensure there is minimum connect time.

This is quite common especially if the approch is straight on, for example down an in line path to the front door, or is the caller comes around a corner that is close to the door. Often the caller may be heading away from the door especially if they have been spritely.


What an unhelpful response from Ring. I’m having the same issue. It filmed a car drive by 30ft away, if even I watch in 10 second intervals the ENTIRE history of the device, it doesn’t catch me parking in front of my house, walking into the house, my friends coming over, my friends leaving, or myself going to the front garden and back. WHAT is the point of it? Is it just replaying a stagnant scene? Even if I don’t have a recorded “event” I should still be able to go back in the camera history yet no, nothing that has happened all day is there.


Add me to the list of frustrated Ring subscribers. How is possible for the camera not to pick up a UPS driver twice within an hour? Again the email notification is how I know there is something at the door. Currently the 60 year old landscape man (I give his age I case Ring suggests he is spritely) has been sitting on the front steps in front of the door eating his lunch. Still waiting for notification from Ring about any kind of movement. Not exactly reliable. It is hardwired and with Rogers Ignite 75 surely I should get some sort of notification? I ppreciate any help/suggestions. Thanks

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I had the same problem and turned off the motion verification. That fixed my problem.
I guess the verification stalled recording. Hope it works for you.


I’m having the same issue, no ring look outside and there is a car in driveway or someone walking to my door

I have a similar problem. My postman, who is far from spritely only activates the camera as he is walking away from the door. When my daughter comes homw, she approaches the door, unlocks it, enters the house and closes the door, this is the point when Ring notifies me of someone there.

The ring app is also rubbish. if someone rings the bell by the time my app starts up and connects to the camera they have already got tired of waiting and left.

Total waste of money.


Currently testing the Ring devices, sorry guys, I treat them rather as gadgets, will keep them of course but whoever thinks they are real security devices is deluded, sorry. It’s just helpful addition to ask Alexa to show me the driveway to see if my girlfriend is back or to check if my kid did what I asked to, really. 2 minutes recording triggered on some kind of infrared tiny, consumer-grade sensor and people would want THIS to guard their houses? I’m getting a dog instead, you know…

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This makes so much sense!!! Thank you.

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So True! But that is not how it is being sold to consumers. These should work as advertised, and it seems that they do not. After having invested a considerable amount in Ring devices around my home, I would hope at least that the delivery folks are detected. If they are not, neither are the porch pirates.

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I went back and looked at all six of the red dots (sensors) on my Ring Doorbell 3 and noticed that they faced straight out. My driveway sidewalk curves into the house from the right. So anyone walking up the driveway or that side of the house wasn’t detected unless they drove up in a vechile. I added on the wedge to point my unit straight in that direction (pointing all six sensors to the driveway) and added another zone to pick up from the sidewalk itself to the other side of the house (left side), from the porch to the wall and bushes. Now the unit is picking up everyone that is coming to my front door. The 48" height from the ground is important too!

I have been frustrated with the same problems with my Ring Doorbell 3 Plus. Hardwired and wifi AP only 20ft away. Motion detection is on and customized motion zone created for the full screen area up to the boulevard in front of the house. Motion sensitivity set to max. Now, I don’t necessarily care about getting alerts quickly. But I do expect that all motion approaching the door or walking around the front yard gets recorded for later viewing. Instead I have absolutely no, none, nada recordings of any single delivery to my front door. How? I routinely captures cars in the distance which are outside of my set motion zones. Is the zone actually an area for the system to ignore? Do I have it backwards? I think not, because the 5s I take to open the door and grab my package is recorded every time. I have two cameras and will not get anymore or recommend this brand to anyone I know.