Ring doorbell not capturing events

Unable to get proper support from Ring team.

My device of 3 months old stop capturing events on Monday. In some cases, it captured motion but no video. Tried to troubleshoot with Ring technical support. Made some changes from my app in what seemed to make the device work but it essentially stopped minutes later. Meaning, going right up to the device will not trigger a motion event. Also, pushing the doorbell does not yield an event.

Ring sent me a replacement. Got it configured and operational. Hours later, the device stopped capturing events.

Got on the phone with Ring support again today and tried a number of troubleshooting activities. The last change in my setting via the mobile app was to change the motion settings / frequency to “frequent”. The device started working including the doorbell alert. Well started working for a short period of time.

To that end, its rather clear to me that Ring probably released software on Monday or toggle changes where the overall platform is not behaving probably. What are the chances that two device (the replacement) behaves similar to the alleged defective unit. I say ZERO.

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing issues but clearly changing the Motion Frequency setting to “Frequent” shouldn’t have an impact to the actual doorbell event capture. I don’t believe that my issue is a hardware issue but rather a defect on the platform causing the hardware to NOT function properly.