Ring Doorbell not alerting me when people are at door

We just purchased the ring doorbell for security purposes. We are noticing that often times, motion isn’t detected until the person is gone from our door, if at all. Often times, we get NO person detected notices. For example, I set out free clothes for someone to pick up right in front of our doorbell so I could be notified when they picked them up. There was NO motion/person detected. We have it on high sensitivity as well. What the heck is the purpose of this device if it doesn’t do its job? Any advice or should we just return the thing and get a different type of device.

Hi @ag1234! Optimal motion detection is best obtained through adjusting the motion related settings in your Ring app and testing through trial and error. Depending on your Doorbell model, motion frequency is a great setting to check. In addition to zones and sensitivity, Motion Verification and People Only mode are some other options worth checking.

Other than the various motion settings available in the Ring app, there are also environmental factors to consider. If your entryway is at the top of stairs, a porch, or an inclined yard/ path leading up to it, a Wedge Kit may be a solid solution for improving detection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: