Ring doorbell not activating with Amazon Deliveries

If you think you have solid proof of your delivery driver using a WiFi blocker then report it to the FCC as they would be illegal and the FCC would investigate.
I fortunately can’t because my WiFi has never gone off when a delivery driver has arrived at my door as the photos I’ve posted proved.

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Amazon owns ring, make what you will of it.
I found this thread after noticing how weird it was that Amazon deliveries were not showing up, yet everything else does including the constant trucks passing in front my house. Now that I see so many having the same issue, there is definitely something odd going on.

What would Amazon drivers gain by blocking a security camera? What about houses that don’t have Ring cameras but other security cameras? Are they somehow blocking them?
The drivers take a picture of the item(s) they leave on my porch and I can see those so what would the point of blocking the security camera do? If anything Amazon wants you to know as quickly as possible that a package is on your porch to retrieve before porch pirates get them.

Sorry, I just don’t buy into the conspiracy. Sounds more like folks need to adjust their settings on their Ring gear. I did and I haven’t missed a delivery, Amazon or other, since.

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How long before all package thieves get the Amazon device and block ring ? I wish I had know this before I bought this expensive paper weight , catches all except Amazon . And the next thief that has the Amazon jammer

How are thieves supposed to get possession of a device that has been shown doesn’t really exist?

I just tested this. Try to go live view with prime delivery and it wouldn’t. As soon as he left my driveway it worked fine. I am putting an FCC investigation ticket for use of a frequency jammer use. It only does it for prime. UPS, FEDX, postal service. They all set it off but prime never does. It’s not the settings and it’s not the motion detection settings.

It’s more than likely your settings.
Did you get an email from Amazon that you received a delivery? Did you check your Amazon phone app and see the photo they took?
I’m curious, what possible reason would a delivery driver have in not wanting a delivery recorded? They have every incentive to show that they did deliver. Amazon even provides bonuses for deliveries.

The same thing is happening to me. Everyone shows up on mine except Amazon, UPS and food delivery. I had a package delivered on Saturday it was sitting at my door when I returned home, checked my ring and the only video was of me leaving and returning. WHATS GOING ON

I’m seeing everyone on mine except Amazon deliveries. I called them about it but it was a 40 minute wait for a rep so I’m trying to look on here. And my ring doorbell records everything even a darn car turning the corner.

I tweaked my Frequency and Sensitivity settings on my doorbell and I haven’t missed a delivery since.

Today I got an Amazon delivery and the delivery person came up toward the door but the instant they saw my Ring Camera, they backed out of view and left my package in the bush area way away from my camera view. They must not have this jamming device but clearly didn’t want to be on camera. I caught it because my field of view is set on the widest setting so I have clear video of what happened. I gave the delivery a bad review saying they did not handle my package with care and delivery person was unprofessional. Then I found this thread conversation. I’m so not cool with this so called jamming device some drivers have.

There is no jamming device. Funny how people will believe a non-factual conspiracy when the truth shows it to be false.
Anyway, could be the delivery driver was hoping the motion detector wouldn’t go off and didn’t want to have to hand someone the package physically. Did you get Amazon’s picture of the package on your porch?

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