Ring doorbell not activating with Amazon Deliveries

Same thing is happening with me too. I have the “Keys” delivery set up for the package to be delivered in my garage. First I thought that the delivery man came in from a different street and not in the doorbell “zone”. However, today I had the package delivered on my door step and ring just did not record any motion / video. However, the moment I stepped out to pick up the parcel, it recorded my movement. There is something fishy going on for sure.

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I’ve been noticing that no Amazon or FedEx deliveries seen to be showing up on Ring. Everything else shows up. I show up when I go out to get a package, my wife died up when she goes out to water flowers. I can see the delivery guys on another camera that can see the front yard, but they don’t show up on the Ring recording.

Today I got a delivery, FedEx truck parked in front of the house, guy got out, walked to the front door and delivered the package. Everything recorded on the other camera, nothing in Ring. I tried walking the same route and dropped off a box in the same place the FedEx delivery was made. The Ring camera captured everything perfectly. What’s going on?

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This is getting quite frustrating as I bought this to detect packages being delivered, and has yet to detect a package being delivered….can someone explain? It doesn’t even come up in live history. And no, no one else made motion for it to not be active. It’s like the can jam it. This thing goes off from the smell of someone’s fart. But will not detect ANY deliveries.

This is a joke I’ve had this set up for two days and I’ve had four Amazon deliveries and it hasn’t picked up one of them. I have tested it in every witch way giving it a rest between throwing a ball buy it and it picks up everything and anything except a delivery; Which was generally the reason why I bought it.

If they can take a picture of my house, I have the right to take a picture of them or videotape them while on my property

I have the same issue. I thought I was going crazy.I specifically got a camera so I know exactly when a package is delivered to prevent theft. It’s not a setting issue my camera goes off if a bug sneezes near it. I have had a bunch of deliveries and not one notification. I got super suspicious when I had a fairly large and heavy package left on my front stoop with zero notification. It was a gaming chair so that should give you an idea as to how the driver couldn’t possibly be fast enough to avoid detection. I can’t belive Ring is just ignoring it, we all paid too much money for these things not to work.

The issue most people are describing will be caused by a WiFI jammer, this isn’t a Ring issue as such as in it’s a wireless signal issue. Most if not all signals can be jammed, even wired connections (although much harder). Any wireless signal is susceptible to a jammer of some sort.

There is no WiFi jammer. I have other non-Ring WiFi security cameras that record the deliveries just fine.
It’s likely the phone that Amazon delivery drivers carry “tells” Ring that they are getting ready to deliver to your address and not record.

I just had a delivery by Amazon.
My Ring Spotlight camera, facing my driveway, recorded the delivery person at about 1/2 way in my driveway and then walking towards my front door.
My Ring Doorbell, detected and recorded the motion of the Amazon vehicle pull up in front of my driveway on the street. It didn’t record the walk up, but did catch the delivery driver taking a picture of the package they left, and walking away. I do have the Doorbell camera set for max detection so there’s really no reason for it to not have captured more of the walk up.
Next I’m going to try when my driveway camera detects a person to turn on my doorbell camera and vice versa.

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Amazon aquired Ring back in February of 2018. During recent years anything you own by Amazon is pretty sketchy when it comes to what they can and can’t do regarding your devices or privacy.

My indoor Eufy camera that is wireless that we use to watch our pet has no problem picking up the delivery van as well as tracking the delivery person the entire time. Ring has never auto detected an Amazon delivery, however I put it into live view and it acted weird as hell when I watched a delivery. As far as FedEx goes I am not sure but the Ring doorbell tracks UPS. It tells us motion is detected, ie: car driving by from a good 20 yards away. So those that keep saying it is a Ring setting are oblivios to the fact Amazon owns Ring.

Get a different brand and leave Ring.

Probably don’t want a bunch of lawsuits from drivers hitting their cars on the side of the road or tossing packages.

I have been trying to figure this out for the last 2 weeks…every one else that comes to my door is recorded but the amazon drivers…yea something is up…if they are using jammers its highly illegal

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Ahhh yes there is…you need to read up

You have to report it to the FCC

Today had an Amazon delivery and it was recorded from them pulling up on the street to the walk up and walk away.

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Note the Amazon truck at the end of my driveway and the delivery person getting ready to place the package on my porch.
You were saying?

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Have noticed Amazon deliveries not recorded. Had coffee sit out because ring didn’t pick up the delivery. Today, the ring doorbell missed a Fed ex delivery of fruit but me walking in my front yard was captured as were several cars going by. This is very annoying as one of the reasons for the ring doorbell was to know when deliveries arrive.

I’ve had better success with my Ring doorbell by putting Motion Sensitivity to MAX and Motion Frequency to Frequently.

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I just searched this topic and found this thread. I’ve been saying for weeks I think they can jam it or something. This is 2 days in a row it hasn’t set it off, but I walk out and it records. The trees blow and it records…it gets the truck driving by, but no person coming to the door. The main reason we got this was to be notified if deliveries so we can get the packages quickly (my husband sleeps in the day and this way I can call and say hey go get the package) bc packages go missing often around here. It’s definitely odd.

I had to look this information up because UPS was dropping off packages like the invisible man with a Wonder Woman truck. I had to go through my video and notice and really grainy brown truck picture. So, how are they the exception to the rule. Makes me question my safety with this company.

They aren’t. Here’s UPS delivering to my door just this week.
Try setting Motion Sensitivity to MAX and Motion Frequency to Frequently.

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