Ring doorbell not activating with Amazon Deliveries

Yep, this is definitely a thing. Watched the prime truck pull up, walk to my door, drop the package right in front of my ring and it did not go off. So I ran out there and waved my hands in front of it and it would not turn on. Waited about 5 minutes and tried again and it worked flawlessly. I have done this multiple times. What a joke.

One day this week I expected an Amazon US delivery. When I tracked the package using the Amazon website they gave me a map of our general area (a rather rural area in central Mexico) and reported that the driver had 9 stops ahead of me. They had a small Santa sled slowly traverse the map for the next several hours with a countdown of stops ahead of me. How cool is that ? It was kind of funny when the delivery was ultimately at the security house for our community I did not receive the usual email telling me.

I wonder what all technology that driver/van has to provide their customers such specific information.

At one point last year one of those very tall balloons that fly around the stratosphere crashed in some nearby farmland. Turns out it was part of the Google Loon project. Check it out at loon.com !

I live in Northern Ireland (UK) and have had 2 Ring Doorbells for over two months. So far the detectors have never missed a fly going past. They had worked very well. Today an Amazon delivery driver walked up my driveway and left a package for my next door neighbour on my porch. My Alexas and my phone said that motion was detected and my iPhone showed a preview still pic of the driver at my porch. When I tapped the notification I got an error message saying that the recording was no longer available. That is all the evidence I need to believe that they CAN interfere with the ring recordings.

The problem is - the level 1 support you receive on this forum (and the level 0.5 level support from fellow customers) goes nowhere. You will likely receive a response from a *_ring person telling you that the problem is yours. Then it is up to you to prove them wrong. They will provide you with a link on how to improve your internet connectivity.

I believe there are ring cloud storage issues. One minute video is available then poof, it is gone.

I’m sure at this point they know what is happening but fail to acknowledge it. And just wait - you think things are bad now. Just wait until after the holidays when everyone finds a ring device in their stockings…

I really would like to see this doorbell work out. But if it does not always work - it is less than useful.

Edit : But at the same time they have something like 8 different variants on these doorbells. They must feel a certain level of success. I wonder just how many bugs have are known/present in my 2020 level doorbell 1 product which are swept under the rug which I am expected to simply live with or upgrade away from.

Same here picks up everything except Amazon Deliveries. Not surprised considering they own RING probably just a function of delivery built into their system. Driver scans delivery in the truck, camera motion is deactivated for a bit. Big brother has nothing on Amazon!

We have a neighbor who has a lot of catered (small) dinner parties this time of year. On Saturday afternoon around 3PM a 30 ft long, tall truck pulled into his driveway which runs along one side of our house. Being lazy, I grabbed my tablet which was by my side and noticed a motion recording which showed the truck in the periphery of the doorbell’s vision. The truck drove out of the db’s range and came to a stop in the driveway directly opposite our router (about 20-30 feet away). The truck was not in the line of sight of the doorbell/router path, which runs perhaps 30 feet as well. I tried going into live view. No dice. The truck was parked maybe 5-10 minutes. During that entire time the app on my tablet would not go into live view. I heard the truck start up again and backed out the driveway. Once again the db picked up/recorded the motion. The truck drove off. I immediately tried live view again. This time it worked.

So my Netgear Knighthawk R7000 router must send out a circular signal which was somehow affected by the truck and impeded the router’s communication with the doorbell. My internet connectivity was fine at the time and the RSSI for the doorbell was fine as well when the truck had driven off…

Same problem. Picks up everything in my yard, but there is zero evidence of multiple Amazon packages showing up. Frustrating because I wanted the Ring to know when packages arrived. Not only is it useless for that, but it also makes me think that anyone with a jamming device could essentially break in unnoticed. So what exactly is the point of having this thing? I don’t need to be alerted when I take my trash out.

Hi Everybody. Please beware!
The same thing happened to me today. I joined the “Key” delivery access with Amazon last week. Today was the first “key” delivery through my garage. The Amazon driver left the garage door opened for hours until I got home late in the afternoon. To my surprise, my Ring camera did not record any activity at 2:08 pm. My camera is set to a wide motion sensor range. It even picks up cats walking across the street. I do have an Arlo cam, and that did pick up the delivery.
Was this a coincidence? I called Amazon to report this issue, and I will definitely never use the “Key” delivery.

I’m having the same issue. Just to let everyone know, Amazon did buy the Ring Company and now owns it. Its highly possible that they can control the motion to where it won’t pick up their employees or they gave them a device to stop the motion recording. Although I have it set in my account for them to ring the doorbell and they still don’t, I believe thats why they won’t ring the doorbell anymore because it’ll definitely start recording. With all these complaints now it’s time for Amazon/Ring to prove to us that this problem is Not going on. It’s not the settings. I’ve tried all the settings beforehand, even the People Only detection setting. It was good to have read all these complaints, thinking I was the only one experiencing this. I was starting to think I was the crazy one about the Ring not picking up motion from Amazon deliveries. This is not fair to the customer. Something is going on and we’re not being informed.

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I am having the same issue with my newly purchased Ring 3 doorbell. Picks up everyone else outside of Amazon Prime deliveries which we get a lot of. This is greatly troubling since it defeats the purpose in many ways. Not sure but this post from Reuters said that Amazon actually bought Ring a couple years ago, hence why they might be in a position to intercept and block access from the Ring device in monitoring their Amazon Prime deliveries. And if true, isn’t that a conflict of interest? In any case this is not good if this is what’s going on. :frowning: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ring-m-a-amazon-com/amazon-buys-startup-ring-in-1-billion-deal-to-run-your-home-security-idUSKCN1GB2VG

My thoughts exactly. They need to rectify this situation. Sounds like a conflict of interest.

Just curious - do you have a preference for Fox News or CNN News ?

There are other posts reporting similar issues with Fedex and I have had an issue with a caterer’s large truck.

I have solid two solid mahogany garage doors which open out. The rssi reported will be like -60 closed and -50 open. The doors are not in the direct line of sight between the extender and doorbell. It is like the ‘beam’ bounces off the open door back to the doorbell. It is all voodoo.

This is happening to me too. Literally watched an amazon guy walk up and my camera not got off.

After a call with a very astute support person today - by design - these devices will not pick up motion coming directly at the camera. Something to do with body heat …