Ring doorbell not activating with Amazon Deliveries

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Same happened to me last 2 Amazon deliveries . No motion no sign of driver. Yet as soon as a I retrieve the package 20 seconds later my motion is picked up. This is not cool


Not one delivery I’ve received in the past month has been recorded, I just subscribed for monitoring and now it’s pretty much useless. I’ll have to buy a separate camera to self monitor. :-1:

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Baby stuff. There is seriously an issue here though ma’am, see my reply at the end of this thread.

I filed a complaint with Walmart on 3.27.2021 about Fedex deliver issues. I stated that I have a Ring system and can confirm that the package was not delivered or taken by anyone else and now when they deliver a package they are jamming my Ring camera so that I cannot see when they bring a package to my front door. I can see everyone and everything but Ring is now not recording FedEx deliveries. I am going to report this to the Attorney General office for sure.

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Same here…FedEx for sure is jamming my Ring because I filed a complaint and now my Ring doesn’t show them bringing anything to my front porch. I am reporting this to the Attorney General office because this is a security breach

Okay I thought I was going crazy! We just set up our cameras last week and everything sets it off but deliveries! I have adjusted settings soo many times and had to decrease sensitivity cause I live on a busy street. My doorbell will still pick up random people passing by, my dog walking up to the porch, and my husband and I with no issues, but it does not pick up deliveries! I just received a push notification from Amazon showing a package was just placed on the porch, but when I go on the ring app, no video or alert. I have the snapshot set for every 14 mins and that’s the only proof I have that someone was on the porch. I also have my garage ring cam a few feet away from door and it didn’t pick up the mail truck or anyone walking by. There definitely a jammer at play.

I just installed my Ring video doorbell and realized the same scenarios happening. Amazon deliveries must be wearing a cloaking device (a trekkie here). My motion detector chimes when postman, neighbors, sidewalk walkers, etc get into my range, but not Amazon delivery people! 4 times now, I see packages, but no motion alerts. Why?

I am noticing similar behavior. I have a Ring Doorbell 2 on my back door for several months, and a new Doorbell Pro on my front door that I installed this past weekend. Neither one picked up on the FedEx delivery that pulled into my driveway or walked to my back door. The only indication was the fact that they rang the doorbell on my back door. The front door then recorded them getting back into their van to leave. If a leaf blows by either camera they go off. Something is amiss here.

I have the same problem with people who do deliveries. Every package is left at the door, and there is no ring signal.

I noticed the same today. Amazon delivered a package but my Ring doorbell did not detect the motion.

I am also having an issue with the doorbell not activating. When it does, the Amazon employee can be seen approaching and then the video goes black or in another one, the video seems to freeze but the counter keeps going and then the employee disappears. The last one had the employee’s face blur once she got within about 5 feet of the camera. It just blurred the face. Something fishy is going on.

Exact same issue… I get Amazon packages almost every day. Placed right on my front door step. Never ever triggers the ring to go off or records them delivering it.

But 2 seconds later, I step on the porch to grab the package, and the ring alert goes off and records. Clearly a rigged feature here: FIX THIS, RING!!!

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I can add my experience to the list… Amazon delivery, no way they could place the package on my porch without being seen by my doorbell cam, activations by me just prior and after the delivery… not a hint that the driver was ever there other than the package on my porch.

If there really is some jamming going on, then I want my money back. Just a matter of time before criminals get ahold of it and my expensive cameras are useless.

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I noticed this a few weeks ago when an Amazon truck pulled very close to my porch, rolled down the window, and threw my package like a newspaper. I went to get the video on my Ring to show my husband, and it wasn’t there. I get numerous Amazon deliveries every week so I started watching. We have several different trucks and several different drivers. Sure enough, Amazon deliveries which are thrown or handled roughly are never captured. The deliveries where the driver is careful and sets the package by the door have video. I think some drivers are using jammers. P.S. Amazon sells them. :grin:

I noticed lately the same thing. Last week I had ordered something, and the plastic bubble wrap envelope was never sealed, and it was empty we had no alerts of motion or anything detected. It showed nothing on the cameras. We have one on the garage and the newest ring doorbell. I checked through the footage nothing. Instead I was just a pic sent from the driver. I even went on line to check my deliveries and saw the time it was delivered, and rechecked the camera footage. Nothing. This isn’t the first time this happen, though the first time a package was delivered empty. As well to add I only ship prime, with Amazon packaging, to ensure the package to be delivered correctly. So now I feel uncomfortable ordering, because I know the driver knew he was delivering an empty package. So I’m like now … I should just have the door open and just watch it being delivered when expected? I mean the reason for the cameras is to ensure safety, and to track anything sketchy.

Same issue !!
Amazon deliveries not being detected, bell is hard wired and motion zone , sensitivity and frequency is set to max … !

With over 100 complaints addressing the issue, Ring does not pick up Amazon deliveries, it is obvious that it is controlled by Amazon, who owns Ring. Contacting Ring will do absolutely no good. People, please contact your state Attorney general’s office and file a complaint ASAP!!!. Also contact ReportFraud.ftc.gov The FTC, who will in turn sue Amazon / Ring for deceptive claims about their products and services. These lawsuits sometimes results in refunds for the people affected. There is absolutely nothing in Rings statements indicating deliveries would be blocked. You are paying for a service that you are not receiving.

If this is not revised by Ring within 15 days as of June 30, 2021, I personally will open up a class action lawsuit and include all listed on this and other pages that have been saved for the Attorney. I have several video and photos of deliveries where the person actually walks to the door, 12 inches away from the camera, and of course, no activation! However, it will pick up the stray cats that are only 8 inches off the ground!!! Ring wants to deliver your medicine? Nothing like having it sit out in the heat for hours without notification!!! I am sure Ring / Amazon will take this down, however I will still seek legal counsel in the time indicated above if not amended!! Amazon may think that since they are a billion dollar company, they can get away with fraud!!!


Yes, I have the same problem. I’ve had for 3 weeks now. It recorded my 1st Amazon delivery. The driver stuck some weird device that looked like a cell phone up to my Ring doorbell. Probably a NFC chip. It hasn’t recorded an Amazon driver since. Recordes UPS & Fedex just fine.

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Same thing still happening here and it’s July 6th. I guess the porch pirates just need to dress like Amazon drivers???