Ring Doorbell No Video No Door Ring Wifi Connected


My Ring doorbell connects to wifi, however the ring button does not alert and the vidoe does not connect for Live feed to test. Internet conncection was determined good durning testing at setup.

Download Speed speed 5Mbps , Upload Speed 0.5 Mbps

Signal Strength is green, says RSSI-54 in green color. No verbiage though.

Thank You

Turns out that the doorbell was not connected to WIFI.

The strange thing is that I already went through the setup and completed the WIFI connection earlier during the initial setup. Even verified that my internet signal was good.

I’m not sure why this would lose coonection to WIFI, 5 minutes after going through the initial setup.

The doorbell has stayed connected to WIFI overnight now.

Thank you for the update, @peppys67 . Please note, that upload speed is a bit on the low side. We usually recommended at least 1 mbps upload speed for the Video Doorbell. If you run into any problems with the device, you may need to contact your ISP to see if higher speeds are available in your area. Our support is always available to help as well and can be reached at 800-656-1918 :slight_smile:

Thank you. I know I’m a bit low. Out in the country, so my options are limited.

Thank You,