Ring Doorbell - No Recordings

My ring doorbell suddenly stopped recording video 5 days ago. I can pull up live few and when I go through my timeline I can see the change in sunlight, so it is recording something, but there is no one on the videos. I live in a pretty high traffic area so there is someone walking by at least once an hr. I had a delivery 2 days ago and had a missed ring but no video of the person ringing or dropping the package. My neighbor saw that one of the packages was missing and that is when I checked the cameras to find out the package thief was (of course) not caught on camera.

I’ve checked my battery and wifi, restarted the device, and checked all of my motion settings. Nothing was changed between 10/24 when the last video was captured and now.

Hi @mdepaul414. I would suggest performing a reset on your doorbell. You can do this by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then releasing. After that is complete, you can reconnect it to WiFi. Let me know if this helps!