Ring Doorbell night vision

I recently installed the Ring Doorbell 2. I used the angled mount to shift camera facing further right due to our front walk layout. During night vision, the circle light on unit seems to be lighting up trim on the left side of the camera inhibiting the view of anything past our front step. Any insights on how to fix that? Attaching two screenshots for referenceing.


this is exactly what mine looks like at night.

i have a security light just above the front door.but when this is on it doesnt really make much difference.

It did look clear once and i could see most of what i usually see in the day time.

But know it looks like that all the time.

im have it set on the right angle wedge away from the wall aswell.

have attached a photo

I am experiencing trouble with my night vision on my ring doorbell, also with no motion picking up on my doorbell, I have returned (3) devices, that work fine for a couple of hours after I set up the new device and then it’s right back to the very same issue of not recording any motion that is taking place outside my home and I can’t see anything under the Live view, even with my security lights in the yard as well as on the front of the garage as you walk up my drive way . I can’t make out anything from the live view

have found a workaround

i put some black insulation tape over the 2 infared lights on which are closest to the wall

so now it looks alot better at night.

see attached photo

with the insulation tape, does the camera switch back over to color during the day time?

Have the same question. Would love to see a picture of the device and how you did it if you’re willing to share. Thanks

Yea so I cut a small square shape of insulation tape over the right side. See attached photo.
Black insulation tape preferably.
The camera is totally fine in daylight.
Also see attached photo.

Someone walked past last night at 2.30am. And they sorta looked ghost like as they glided past!!
Kinda creepy. But happy that I can now see beyond 5 feet now.

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Can seem to view your screenshot. I’m having the same problem. Black as night all night long.

Can’t seem to view