Ring Doorbell newb

Does the doorbell work on a large corporate network(not expecting it to use RADIUS)?

How does the app initially communicate with the Doorbell to set the WiFi password?

I manage a WiFi network remotely for a site I’ve never been to. They sent me a picture of the doorbells they have bought and want me to setup a separate WiFi for them. Any hints on system requirements would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Buckleau. When setting up a Ring device, you will need to ensure you set it up on a network frequency that the Doorbell is compatible on. Most of our Doorbells only set up on a 2.4 Ghz network, and it’s recommended if the Doorbell is further away from a wifi access point. When it comes to what the Device needs adjusted on the router to connect, you can review our Ports and Protocols article here to get a better understanding of that. Lastly, the setup for the Doorbell will be similar to this article here. I’ve included the set up for the Ring Video Doorbell, but it’s similar to how our other models set up!