ring doorbell motion zones

I have the Ring 2 doorbell and it used to have motion zones that you could choose for each area you want covered. Now it just looks like one big semi circle that you can move closer or further away. I saw the new Ring Pro advertises the zoned coverage for it. What happened to the zone coverage for the Ring 2 doorbell??

Hey @sk2. For the Ring Video Doorbell 2, you will have three pre-set zones that you can tap to turn on/off in your Motion Settings. This is how the motion customization is for all of our battery operated devices. For the Ring Video Dooorbell Pro, you will have the option to create customized motion zones to be however big/small you want them to be. This is because the Pro is a hardwired device and can keep the advanced motion detection stable with the constant power supply. For the Doorbell 2, you can slide the arc up and down so that it can detect motion further out or closer in as well. Hope this helps clear this up for you! :slight_smile:

I guess my questions is why this used to be an option for my Doorbell 2 and now it’s only available for the Doorbell Pro? It worked just fine with my battery operated Ring Doorbell2. I do have it hardwired now so if this would make it better great, but it worked well before? The new system doesn’t seem to work well with the arc as it there are certain areas that we need to capture and others we do not want to at all and the arc does not let us do this.

@sk2 I apologize if there was any confusion previously, but since the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a batter operated device, we have never had the option for customizable motion detection, similar to the Pro’s. For our battery operated devices, they have always had the option between turning on and off three pre-set zones. Whether your Ring Video Doorbell 2 was hardwired or not, it is still a battery operated device that is powering it, and therefore would only ever have the options for Standard Motion Detection. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 simply does not have the capability of handling advanced motion detection like the Pro, as the hardware and PIR sensors within the device do not support it. Hope this clears up any confusion for you! :slight_smile:

Hi - I can attest this WAS an option at one point for battery operated devices. I had the Ring Doorbell 2 which gave me that option, but now the feature is gone after moving to Doorbell 3 Plus. This is entirely frustrating because it’s picking up cars on my road when in the past I was able to scale the zone away from the road. Why did it change??