Ring Doorbell missed a delivery

I had a delivery this morning and my Ring doorbell missed the whole activity. I can hear someone at my front but my Ring doorbell does not even the mailman walking to my house and putting 2 boxes at my front door. Completely missed the whole delivery. Why? No motion or person detected for this event in my ring history.


Mine Ring doorbell cam reliability to detect motion is not that great. It lets me down frequently. I am currently looking to see if there are better security cam products out there.

Wow. I hope that’s not my solution because I just invested in the whole security system. I was just reading on another question about turning off the Event History Timeline. I went ahead and did that and hope for the best. Waiting to see what others may say.

My doorbell and linked garage cams miss Amazon, UPS, and eBay deliveries but not USPS ones. I can’t go live when I hear someone out front, is there a way to jam it? Both my zones are set to the street but day or night a package can be delivered with no detection. I was in the process of getting the whole system for my mom, and changing my current system to Ring, not I’m having second thoughts. Have they found a fix

I know someone that is having the same issue. Have you received a response back from Ring?