Ring doorbell live view issue

Hi everyone.

We just got our first ever ring decide the ring doorbell 3 with chime.

I installed the ring device all seemed good was working fine no delay when pushing the bell etc.

Trying to access live view worked (sometimes) I noticed in the ring app it showed poor wifi connectivity.

I went to the shops today and got a double
Socket with wifi extender/repeater built into the new double socket this is 6/7ft away from
The ring door bell and now shoes an RSSI -51 to -53.

Thought this had solved the live view issue yet it still seems to only work sometimes. Sometimes it works within 1-2 seconds sometimes 3-4 seconds sometimes not at all :/.

I have tried Googling the issue and someone had said turning off advanced motion detection worked for them I done that live view connected twice but not it won’t I bet it I was to try again in 30-40 mins it will work. RSSI will still be at the same value.

Any help would be much appreciated.