Ring doorbell live view is not working in Dubai

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to setup a ring doorbell in Dubai for the last month but the live video and the notifications are not working. Anyone is facing the same issue?
The device is blinking full white circle then blinking full blue circle. And sometimes it rings on the bell but not on the phone.

I changed the device but i still have the same issue.

The device is connected to the internet. My speed is 85Mbps. The device health check is normal. Attached the screenshot.

I am suspecting that my ISP is blocking the communication. I am an Etisalat user.

Please let me know your thoughts!

Hey @Khamamo. It definitely does sound like your ISP is blocking the Live View from loading, as this is upload and trying to record/store video. You can check out our Help Center Article here to see if this is just some network settings you need to change to all the device to communicate and pull up the Live View properly. I recommend reaching out to your ISP if you continue to have this concern to isolate this further! You can also check out our Community post here on this concern.