Ring Doorbell Live Video Intermittently Works

I’ve installed my ringdoor bell and I can connect to it and it’ll load from time to time but the live view works sometimes and then other times it just gets stuck saying activated. The door bell is 4 feet from my wireless router and I’ve confirmed it gets almost 100mbps at the doorbell location. I’ve also opened all of the ports that it specifies on the ring doorbell and it still has intermittent issues, the RSSI is -29. The device health check says everything looks good. Any idea why it would work sometimes and other times it doesn’t?

Hi @mpronovost. Based on the great information you’ve given, it doesn’t appear that this would be network related. To completely rule this out, try connecting your Doorbell to a wifi hotspot and then test the Live View. If it works better, there may be some additional changes that need to be made to your router configuration.

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