Ring Doorbell Light and Button Functionality while in live view

My scenario is I linked Ring with Alexa and setup a custom routine that will view my front door through my doorbell pro when a motion trigger occurs. In doing so, I found two issues that I believe to be caused by the current behavior of the Ring Doorbell and would like to see changed or customizable.

  1. When the doorbell’s live view is active the doorbell button does not ring the doorbell through any means. It won’t trigger a ring app alert, internal door chime or even the feedback ringing sound the person pushing the button normally would get. I see this as an issue regardless of my configuration because I could be viewing the camera while away from home while a person at home will have no idea someone is trying to ring the doorbell.

  2. The normally white LED ring around the button turns blue indicating that the camera is active AND someone is watching it. I would really prefer people not know if I am looking at them or not. I don’t see this as a privacy/consent issue because when they see the doorbell cam, it is safe to assume it is at least being recorded. I understand that pressing the button will turn the ring blue as well but I am referring to it doing so without a button push and how that is a dead giveaway. (I don’t want to have to acknowledge a solicitor just because they know how a ring doorbell behaves.) I have seen this issue reported with other cameras Ring offers and think it is a universally preferred option to not have the blue LED indicated the camera is being viewed in real-time.


Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community, @Neighbor1! This is some great feedback. As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

At night things can get tricky when it comes to navigating a front porch. If you are having guests over at night, they need to be able to see your Ring Doorbell to notify you of their arrival. Does the Ring Doorbell light up at night? A Ring Doorbell will only stay illuminated if it is hardwired.

I completely agree with this original post and its suggested feature update of not having people be aware that you’re viewing “Live” by having a blue light showing instead of the normal white, whenever you happen to be Live viewing. That really puts you on the spot if solicitors know what the two colors mean. Also, having the doorbell still be rung with the chime inside while you’re in Live view should be the default, absolutely. I use the ring doorbell the same as the original post author does and even if I get a notification and check out what’s going on at the front door while I’m away from home, I still want the people inside to hear the doorbell being rung as well as the ringer to hear the chime going off. Otherwise I’m forced to answer directly from afar when I may not want to and just want to be aware of what’s happening at my front door. I guess turning the ringer off once you’re live viewing could be an option, but it shouldn’t be the default. Something you can elect to toggle on and off at most. Hopefully these features or issues are corrected or added. They really should be the default already.