Ring doorbell keeps going off line

Okay so, my ring doorbell keeps losing connections and its just the doorbell, all my other ring device’s work perfectly fine. A few months ago we had a raid happen at my house looking for my brother they used a crowbar to rip the doorbell off the wall. (side note luckily they didn’t see any of the hidden ring device’s) so I got them on full video doing this, but ever since this event. My ring doorbell will not stay on the wall, I had to use double sided tape to hold it together, but now the device would only stay connected for a few days than go offline. I would than have un-tape it from the wall, reconnect it and it’ll work perfectly fine again for another few days before going back offline. I tried filing a police report but they will not sign anything and keep telling me to go through my insurance company. why would I bring them into this raising my insurance when they (cops) had no right to rip something off the wall that is there for my protection in the first place. Now for my question, is there a way to fix this and get it to mount onto the wall again fixing these issues or am I SOL on this and need to buy a new ring doorbell?

Hi @jerbear-1988. I’m sorry to hear about what happened, and definitely understand wanting your Doorbell back up and running as usual. Which model of Ring Doorbell do you have? The model name is listed on the back of the Doorbell and on the Device Health page in the Ring app. Additionally, let me know what the RSSI number is on the Device Health page, as that give us an indication of how strong the wifi signal is. Lastly, how are you adhering the Doorbell to the wall, with an adhesive?

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door bell is 1st gen, the RSSI # is 54. My door bell and the wifi box is pretty much on the other side of the door, so signal should be a lot stronger than my other ring devices. Currently the doorbell is being held together with a double sided heavy duty tape, for the most part it keeps the device in place to get the charge it needs.

Hi @jerbear-1988. I am happy to chime in. We do have a spare parts kit available on Ring.com for the Doorbell 1st Generation if the bracket is what you need to replace. As for your signal strength, it is definitely good. We have this page with other steps you can try for a Ring device that keeps falling offline. If these steps do not help, reach out to our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.