Ring doorbell keeps detecting motion

Since our free trial of the ring protect plan ran out our doorbell alerts us to motion at least every hour, more often every half an hour. It’s a hard wired doorbell that had no issues until the last couple of days, has been set up for two months (we purchased an indoor camera which extended our free trial by an extra 28 days).

I’ve turned the motion sensitivity completely to the lowest settings, adjusted the motion detection area to the smallest size, and I’m now unsure what to do.

I’ve had to turn off the motion alerts because it’s constantly alerting, which is counterproductive to having the ring doorbell in the first place.

Please help - our ring doorbell has been fantastic until this started occurring. Have I done something wrong? No settings were changed until after this started happening and I had no issues until a couple days ago when our free trial expired. I can’t see any more settings to adjust and I’m quite disappointed

Hi @Kauchinleck. It sounds like your getting more motion alerts now because you can no longer use Smart Alerts since your Ring Protect Trial has ended. In order to use Smart Alerts, you must have a Ring Protect Plan, which is mentioned on this page. It helps refine your motion alerts to distinguish between people and other motions. If you have tried adjusting your Motion Settings and are still having to much motion detection, then it looks like Smart Alerts have benefited you, and I would recommend subscribing to a plan to continue using the feature.