Ring doorbell keep disconnecting from wifi

So for 3 days in a row, I have to remove the RING doorbell and re-set it up. I’ve had this doorbell for 2 years and it never has done this. Also, it really is not that great even when it does work, by the time it “fires up” when it tells me there is motion, the motion is already gone. Too slow of response/interaction between the doorbell and the App. Time to shop for something else. Too unreliable !

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We have had same issue, took first doorbell back and got an exchange. The new one although connected to WiFi kept saying offline. After a lengthy call to ring they updated my firmware and everything appears to be working now

Having same issue for months. I have two and they are the only wireless units in my home that are unreliable. Purchased at Home Depot. Disappointing

Read my thoughts HERE I am doing extensive research based on my network.

Hi, can I ask which WiFi screen you are referring to when you created static IP address? Could you possibly run through the steps on how you did this? Thanks

I have recently upgraded from the doorbell 2 with no issues to the 3plus. It catches motions and I can view them flawlessly but trying random live views will just not load (blue circle spins continuously with black screen then live view disconnects. Tried connecting to eero mesh , chime pro and sky router but issue remains no matter which network I’m connected to. When connected to eero I noticed in the eero app the doorbell was continuously connecting then disconnecting from the network. After numerous calls to ring they have finally decided the doorbell is faulty and I’m In the process of receiving a replacement doorbell from them. Hopefully it works!

I’ve had the same problem with my Ring Doorbell 3, disconnecting from the WiFi every 2 days or so.

Good thing my whole network is build up with Ubiquiti devices running on the controller so I had logs and event history to trouble shoot this.

In my situation it turned out that the Doorbell 3 was unable to (re)obtain an valid IP adress once the DHCP lease expired. So simply assigning a static IP to my Doorbell 3 solved the problem for me. Doorbell 3 has been online now nonstop for 6 weeks.

Maybe this solution also works for other persons.

Although there should be a firmware update that fixes the IP adres issue after the DHCP lease experires imho. It’s an expensive device that should would without problems with a DHCP server.

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Same exact problem I’m having and I travel for work often… Reason why I got this device in the first place. It hasn’t worked properly for a year now. Loses connection at the most important times

I’m having the same problem with my spotlight cam! I recently bought a wifi extender to make sure it had a strong enough signal and usually the RSSI number is around 51, and the battery is at 85%. It’s happened the past two days in a row! What’s the point of this device if it can’t stay connected?!

You missed a valuable post two back.
Assign a static ip address to your ring devices. But don’t stop there. Do the same for any extenders you might be using and might as well give one to whatever device the ring apps are running on.
It is trivial to set up static ips…