Ring doorbell keep disconnecting from wifi

Hi, my ring doorbell keep disconnecting from wifi. WIFI router is ok. Power is full. Each time I have to reconnect again.


Hi @c_xiangdong ! Have you tried a reset of your Ring device? How long have you had it connected and has it normally stayed connected to your internet?

Yes, I have reset the ring. It can only work 2-3 days and disconnects again.


Mine as well but it is making a buzzing and constant ringing


Same issue that I’m having. Seems to happen every 3-5 days. Power and wifi signal is reported as healthy. Connectivity resumes after I re-boot my TP-Link router. I can ping the IP address from another device when it is in this state.

The Ring DoorbelPro has been installed for well over a year and we noticed the issue a month or two ago?

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It sounds like these concerns may all be slightly different in nature. @Neighborfriendly51 if your device is exhibiting unusual behavior with the chime kit and buzzing, the connection may be power related.

@sailingcal21 as rebooting the router/ network seemed to resolve your connection concern, it may be network related settings, or router features.

As there seem to be quite a few variables here, the most efficient solution would be to contact our support team for isolated and in depth troubleshooting. Feel free to update us on the results! :slight_smile:

My ringpro worked fine for two years. Now it disonnects from WiFi when someone rings the bell. Power and WiFi strength are fine as it is connected to a 24V transformer and my cell phone has strong WiFi even in front yard.

I have tested it several time and it continues to work as long as bell is not pressed. Within seconds of pressing the bell it goes offline. Fix is to powercylce for 5 seconds and it reconnects.

I can look at device health whenit went offline and it shows healthy power levels.


I thought that it may be as well, however in that I’m able to successfully ping the Ring’s IP address from another PC when the Ring is off line. I believe that it’s something within the Ring device itself for the application to not respond when the datalink layer does?

Seems like a majority of you are dealing with WIFI jammers… I’ve been noticing the same, and I’m a network engineer, so I know the networking inside out. I’ve been wondering about my wifi quality and did a lot of work and research.

few days ago, my tools were stolen from my place, and the wifi was down at the same time. I’ve been checking the pattern of the wifi quality, and someone told me it feels like a wifi Jammer. I did a simple google search for wifi jammers, and sure enough there were plenty of information, and the ease of jamming the wifi makes the ring USELESS for theft protection. So no more wireless cameras, and only wired cameras for security.


Sorry to hear about this @poweruser! We are passionate about our neighbor’s security and are always working to put you at an advantage against crime.

As many of our devices are wifi-enabled, it does require a wifi signal to operate. If you’re concerned about specialized burglars using wifi jammers, we recommend checking out our Stick Up Cam Elite with POE capabilities.

My Ring doorbell does the exact same thing. It is one of 4 ring devices I have and the closest to the WIFI router. It is the only one that disconnects from WIFI and it happens every 3-5 days. I have reset it and still have the same issue…it is frustrating.


From a product point of view, this is a bad thing. As the doorbell keeps ringing the typical users will never know that there’s a security issue unless they check the app periodically.

One would think that being a cloud based device, Ring would also notice that connectivity is lost and inform the user of the occurance.


My keeps disconnecting on my iPhone WiFi and I’ve only had it for ~1.5 weeks! then it also tracks every car motion that passes by my house and I already set the parameters like it showed me. Is it really this bad with others?


Door Bell symptoms do not support WiFi jammers. Door bell goes offline only when a visitor rings the bell. It goes off immediately. I turn off and on the breaker and bell is back on line. Ringing the door bell causes it to go offline otherwise it can be online for weeks.

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My issue is not WiFi jammer related. The bell goes offline only when someone rings it. It rings and goes offline after a second. I turn off and on the breaker and it is connected again. If I don’t power cycle it will stay offline.

Our Ring disconnects from WiFi every time someone rings the doorbell. We have to reconnect it every time someone rings the doorbell. What do you do to correct this problem? This only started about a month ago and we have had it 3-4 years. This is getting very aggravating not to mention, when we are gone, we no longer can see or hear anything. Not worth having, if it’s not going to work.
The voltage and internet is fine. We have checked it. Also, we have a backyard Ring Stickup Cam and it works fine.

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I haven’t done anything, it’s still doing the same thing. Very frustrating, but of course it was given to me, I’m better off just buying my own system?

Same issue here. Only this happens once a day. This is the only device that keeps disconnecting. All my Nest products have no issue. The door bell is 14 feet from the router. I have to reset everything to get it back online. Then it is good until evening. Then comes back online now and then by itself. Very frustrating.

Ok, let’s all call Ring Support tomorrow. The US number is 800-656-1918 and post whatever solution(s) there are.

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I have talked to ring support but they are no help. They made me do a few test that were useless. The doorbell disconnects only when someone rings it. Otherwise it can stay connected for months. Ring suggested that I buy a new device. I dont think I will consider ring anymore.