Ring Doorbell Issue...connection?

I just bought a Ring doorbell and hooked it up yesterday. When I test it, or try to look at the video from my phone I get nothing. I’d guess that it’s losing connection to my WiFi except that in my router’s console I see the doorbell as not only connected but performing well, there are multiple devices in a room not 15 feet from where the doorbell is, and my phone will stay connected half way down the block.

Is there any way to confirm that it is a wi-fi connection issue I’m experiencing, and if so is there a fix for the seemingly horrid range?

Hi @Girevik. What is the RSSI for this doorbell? This information is found in the Device Health menu of the Ring app. What specific doorbell model is this? Are you connected to a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network? What type of phone are you using and what version on the Ring app is installed? Are you using a VPN? This information will give us a bit more insight.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve moved my router closer to the front of my house. It’s really not ideal for me but the bell is working for now. I’m not sure if that changes the relevance of any of the info you’ve asked for.

The RSSI is RSSI-55
It’s a 2nd Gen bell, but I’m not sure if that’s enough model info for you.
The phone is an Android (Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra) using it looks like version 3.61.
I am not using a VPN

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Hi @Girevik. If moving your router allowed for a better connection, you would probably benefit from a Chime Pro. This acts as a WiFi extender that is specific to Ring devices.